Falcom Academy 「みんな集まれ!ファルコム学園」 Ep 9-13 (SEASON 1 END)

[MT-InC] FalGak - 13 [C6342CC0].mkv_snapshot_01.46_[2015.02.01_10.09.04]Damn, it’s been almost a year since these episodes came out. But yeah, we’re done with the 1st season of this short series that delivers some Falcom fanservices out of the box. I wanted to do the 2nd season which is happening right now, but still there’s no English subs release yet. Only Migoto is picking this up but I’m unsure of when they’ll release it.

#9: Xanadu’s Grilled Pikkard (Mirrorcreator)
#10: Falcom Academy Cafeteria Opens! (Mirrorcreator)
#11: New Teachers Arrive! (Mirrorcreator)
#12: Everyone Assemble! Falcom Kindergarten (Mirrorcreator)
#13 (Season 1 Finale): The Man of Legends Arrives! (Mirrorcreator)


Falcom Academy 「みんな集まれ!ファルコム学園」 Ep 6-8 -Adol’s Bizarre Adventure-

[MT-InC] FalGak - 08 [56900AF4].mkv_snapshot_01.19_[2014.07.02_23.58.56]It’s been a long time since the 5th episode of Falcom Academy. We kept waiting for Migoto’s release since then & until now, they released 3 episodes only. Well, better late than never. I’m so glad they’re still doing this series.

Anyway, the American Adol from Ys III Sega Genesis version is here ready to kick some ass. Yep, the episodes are all about Adol. LOL I wonder if it was how he looked like in the game, maybe from the game cover design. I love how they keep referencing things from the games. Plus, that Falcom music hype though.

Falcom is about to release another Legend of Heroes game titled Sen no Kiseki II this year. After that they should announce a new Ys game next year. If it’s not Ys VIII, then at least they should remake Ys V just like they did with Ys IV.

#6: Dark and Tio in the Broadcasting Room? (Mirrorcreator)
#7: Let’s Conquer Darm Tower! (Mirrorcreator)
#8: Adol! Adol! Adol! (Mirrorcreator)
Minitheatre Listing

Seitokai Yakuindomo* 「生徒会役員共*」 Ep 10 & 11 -The Late Edition-

[MT-InC] SeitoYakuinBleep - 11 [20CC51BF].mkv_snapshot_09.45_[2014.06.22_21.36.49]This is so late already. At least it’s better to be late than never. Still waiting for 2 more episodes to complete the whole season. Though it’s over, unless I watched the last two, I still can’t review it yet.

If everything will be fine tomorrow, I will gonna unveil my re-encoding lineups for this summer.

EP 10 | EP 11 | Minitheatre Listing

Kuroko’s Basketball 「黒子のバスケ」 Season Finale -ZONE OF THE ENDERS-

[MT-InC] KuroBas - 50 [0AA189D8].mkv_snapshot_13.39_[2014.03.31_15.38.52]What an intense match guys! Great match indeed though.

This review is spoiler free-ish (maybe LOL), but if you’re ready, feel free to read it.

P.S.: ZONE OF THE ENDERS is a trademark by Konami. Copyrights to Konami & I do not own the title. I just use it for ‘educational’ purposes.

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