Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures Playthrough -The Adventure Continues!-

avgnimgWe’re finally able to resume where we left off. Last time we’ve done with the 5th stage. For now, we move on to the 6th stage but as usual, it turned out more different than you expect right now. FYI, this stage has some Pitfall and Ghosts N’ Goblins game references.


Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Extend Casual Playthrough -Resuming Things-

logo-extendWell, I think it’s been over a month of hiatus since last October, the day I was graduated in which I uploaded the latest Fate/Extra playthrough that time. I’m really sorry for that simply because I had so many things to take care of since I’m a graduate. Now is the best time to resume what’s being left off. I need to slow down the pacing to do it. I don’t want to rush it until it affects my daily routine.

I would like to do another playthrough but it’s casual which means I can do it randomly unlike the usual playthroughs. As you can see now, here’s what I’m talking about, another rhythm game so I can relax from doing those RPG playthroughs where you need to think about leveling up, completing quests & other relevant stuff.

Alrighty then, the 1st Project DIVA casual playthrough is here. My apologies for the commentary audio quality, next one should be better.

Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures Playthrough -2 Stages, 1 Huge Difference-

avgnimgWe are having a triple AVGN Adventures playthroughs in one day! Take a note that these playthroughs recorded about 2 weeks ago. Actually, I didn’t have time to render and upload immediately because I was busy with convocation matters. And I’ll get busy again next week simply because I have to attend the convocation ceremony.

But anyway, the difference that I’m talking about is the climatic change LOL. As you can see those 2 videos below there, the stage took place at the snowy area.

But for this one, the climate suddenly changed from cold to hot LOL!

We have 3 stages more together with the final stage to beat this game.

Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures Playthrough -The ‘Supposed’ Futuristic 2010-

avgnimgAnd we’re now in 2013, so the imaginary things that happened in this stage is just a joke.

This is a question especially for those who got through ’80s & ’90s, and during childhood of course. Have you been thinking about how the 2010 was like with the high-tech building and flying wheels & shoes?  And we already knew that was not gonna happen until now…