TERRA FORMARS 「テラフォーマーズ」 Ep 10-13 (SEASON END)

[MT-InC] TerraForm - 13 [934F85F3].mkv_snapshot_09.48_[2015.01.06_14.10.58]This ending though… it’s too creepy & disgusting at the same time.

#10: Desire (Mirrorcreator)
#11: Boxer (Mirrorcreator)
#12: Shooting Star (Mirrorcreator)
#13 (Season Finale): Terra For Mars (Mirrorcreator)
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TERRA FORMARS 「テラフォーマーズ」 Ep 9 -Leader’s Hardships-

[MT-InC] TerraForm - 09 [621736CC].mkv_snapshot_07.50_[2014.11.28_00.17.54]How come the roaches could ride a vehicle in the first place? I see a white flag there, do they give up already? That roach standing on the vehicle with that pose looks kinda like Sephiroth’s final form in FF7.

This is probably the most emotional episode by far.

#9: Too Sad To Die (Mirrorcreator | DL Pastes)

Newest Episodes As of (18/11/14)

Alright, time to post a huge bunch of unreleased episodes for this site. RL struck again last week but everything is under control, for now.

Akame ga KILL! 「アカメが斬る!」

[MT-InC] AkaGaKill - 19 [702C2726].mkv_snapshot_07.11_[2014.11.16_13.33.43]#19: Kill the Fated (Mirrorcreator)
#20: Kill the Carnage -to be released in a separate post soon-

TERRA FORMARS 「テラフォーマーズ」

[MT-InC] TerraForm - 08 [365D0876].mkv_snapshot_17.40_[2014.11.18_19.46.10]#7: Crab (Mirrorcreator)
#8: Der Zitteraal (Mirrorcreator)

PSYCHO-PASS 2 「サイコパス2」

[MT-InC] PsyPass2 - 06 [93564258].mkv_snapshot_05.53_[2014.11.18_19.48.45]#6: Unforbidden Games (Mirrorcreator)
#7: Those Who Cast Stones (Mirrorcreator)

Amagi Brilliant Park 「甘城ブリリアントパーク」

[MT-InC] AburiPark - 07 [466E49F0].mkv_snapshot_01.59_[2014.11.18_19.49.33]#7: Not Enough Pool Safety! (Mirrorcreator)

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal 「美少女戦士セーラームーンクリスタル」

[MT-InC] SMC - 10 [85C36C5D].mkv_snapshot_10.57_[2014.11.18_19.50.05]#9: Serenity -Princess- (Mirrorcreator)
#10: Moon (Mirrorcreator)

TERRA FORMARS 「テラフォーマーズ」 Ep 6 -2-Minute Struggle is Real-

[MT-InC] TerraForm - 06 [BB8363DA].mkv_snapshot_02.04_[2014.11.04_20.40.54]That was a well-planned strategy by Akari to eliminate the one and only Colossal Johj. That ain’t a proper name but I just called it with that name simply because it was pretty strong among the other lifeforms.

Just to inform you that I’ve added the proper lyrics for OP. It might sounds Engrishy but at least the OP deserves it. Silly Commie for not updating it after 5 episodes which still has the nonsensical censored lyrics. Yeah, I opened the script & the censored lyrics were just… unrelated stuffs.

I heard you guys like sexy pictures right?

[MT-InC] TerraForm - 06 [BB8363DA].mkv_snapshot_11.46_[2014.11.04_20.38.58]“Hey! WHUT UP BRAHHS?”

#6: 2 Minutes (Mirrorcreator | DL Pastes)

TERRA FORMARS 「テラフォーマーズ」 Ep 5 (incl. Ep 1-3 v2ed) -Insects Crushing Each Other-

[MT-InC] TerraForm - 05 [629E5678].mkv_snapshot_12.11_[2014.10.31_12.06.42]Now that the censors are gone, this anime has gotten much bearable to watch. Finally we’re able to watch the Johjs being crushed by those ‘insects’ clearly.

Here’s the good news for you. Now you’ll be able to watch Ep 1-3 with no black spots and bars! No worries about it anymore.

#5: Exceptional Two (Mirrorcreator | DL Pastes)

Ep 1 | Ep 2 | Ep 3

TERRA FORMARS 「テラフォーマーズ」 Ep 3 & 4 -The Johj Uprising-

[MT-InC] TerraForm - 04 [3EBECE9A].mkv_snapshot_14.41_[2014.10.27_23.43.56]Recently, CR aired the uncensored version of Ep 1-3. The TV censored eps were almost unbearable to watch, so might as well v2ing those episodes though. Those will be done in a couple of days so stay tuned.

Not enough Johj treatment? This picture here. Johj for days. Sometimes, this series tends to break the hype though.

#3: To Mars (Mirrorcreator)
#4: War (Mirrorcreator)

TERRA FORMARS 「テラフォーマーズ」 Ep 2 -39 Days to Mars-

[MT-InC] TerraForm - 02 [1B972CEB].mkv_snapshot_17.47_[2014.10.06_13.28.22]That karma though. It’s just like a short food chain but it’s going back & forth. They mentioned about BUGS 2 team, so I suppose the OVA is about their last expedition. Seems I should watch them.

Surprisingly, the production team put a lot of efforts to these black bars & rays though. Nicely done, Liden. I hope one day your Blu-ray sales will be skyrocketed.

#2: Departure (Mirrorcreator | DL Pastes)