Tamako Market 「たまこまーけっと」 Finale

[fshah-ifc] Tamarket - 12 [6395631B].mkv_snapshot_19.56_[2013.03.30_20.22.17]#12: Another Year Ends (Mirrorcreator)

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Tamako Market 「たまこまーけっと」 Ep 11

[fshah-ifc] Tamarket - 11 [5C019D71].mkv_snapshot_18.20_[2013.03.22_21.12.19]#11: Who Knew She’d Be a Princess? (Mirrorcreator)

Nice glasses she have there. I don’t think Tamako should leave her hometown, but whatever. Prophecies is not 100% true & it can change too, depends on the current situation.

Can’t believe this anime will be over next week. Time passed too fast & this is already the 11th episode. Will she leave or not?

Tamako Market 「たまこまーけっと」 Ep 10

[fshah-ifc] Tamarket - 10 [126B8078].mkv_snapshot_21.03_[2013.03.15_23.58.29]#10: A Flower Blooms on Her Baton (Mirrorcreator)

More Midori screen time! She’s thinking, thinking and thinking all over again. The baton performance was good by the way. I guess the mole is really special here, just like Iori’s from Kokoro Connect.

Anyway, is that Swimming CM already being took in consideration in becoming an anime series?

Tamako Market 「たまこまーけっと」 Ep 9

Tamako Market Ep 9 - Singing a Love Song.mkv_snapshot_23.14_[2013.03.09_06.58.59]#9: Singing a Love Song (Mirrorcreator)

This episode is so awesome because of Tamako’s dad coolness during his young age. I wonder what happened to his wife back then. Great episode with another further story about Anko & Mochizou.

But the main point of this episode is:

This is a CM from this week’s episode. So, everyone gonna say “Is this a new anime?”, but actually it’s just a CM to promote their company, Kyoto Animation while its subsidiary, Animation DO produced the CM, so hopefully it will become an anime soon. Ironically, it’s almost reaching at about 750,000 views in just 3 days! That’s because of the power of fujoshi that came from this video. To be honest, I kept hitting the replay button because I really like the catchy music. If it reaches a million views, then it might becoming another viral video on YouTube.

Tamako Market 「たまこまーけっと」 Ep 7

[fshah-ifc] Tamarket - 07 [B2943EBA].mkv_snapshot_21.17_[2013.02.22_08.27.12]#7: She Went to Be a Bride (Mirrorcreator)

A new Mochimazzi girl introduced in this episode, so nice character by the way. So that bird is some kind of fortune telling device. Finally the bird deserves the credit for its usefulness and also its role in royal family, at least haha. So who might be the Prince Mochimazzi’s future bride? That cliffhanger told me something. Anyway, I saw peaches just now… Never saw it happened before…