Ikoku Meiro no Croisee Ep 12 (Final) miniHD

Another series that was ended with an acceptable conclusion, probably.

What’s good about this anime was nice story, no rushing in case of plot growth. Eventually, this whole series is all about a stranger who was trying to cope around in the foreign land. At a certain episode, Yune doesn’t know that the way French, or generally the Westerns live are totally different compared to her country’s way of life. Well, she keeps apologizing everytime she committed mistakes and every French confused about it. Sometime, she’s a bit awkward too. And for those who dislikes the slow-paced based story, I think this anime might not be an ideal one for you to watch it.

Character designs, settings and background are almost similar to GOSICK thanks to its novel illustrator, Hinata Takeda whom is also the manga author of this series.

No more chit-chat, this is really a decent summer anime and suitable for general viewers. I had enjoyed it very much! That’s all…

Ikoku Meiro no Croisée Ep 12 (Season Finale) – Chats sur un toit ~Cats on the Roof~ (DDL | Folder | Minitheatre)

P.S.: Any English grammatical errors made by myself from the beginning until now, my apologies.


Ikoku Meiro no Croisee Ep 11 miniHD

Can you tell which one is Yune in this picture?

Final episode available soon…

Ikoku Meiro no Croisée Ep 11 – Priére ~Prayer~ (DDL | Minitheatre)

Nura S2 Ep 12

Sorry guys.. Looks like I’m running pretty lately. I’ll try to speed things up, so Ikoku Meiro no Croisee Ep 11 might be release tomorrow.

And to remind you, the next episode of Nura will be a recap episode, to sum up the events occured from ep 1-13. This will be a long 24-eps, only a story all about Hagoromo-Gitsune, I guess….

Nurarihyon no Mago ~Sennen Makyou~ Ep 12 – Long-Standing Wish (DDL | Minitheatre)

Usagi Drop Ep 11 miniHD (Season Finale)

So sad that it’s the final episode of this season, but I don’t mind since Fuji TV’s noitaminA time slot always airing the 11-episode anime series each season. Yet, two new series already waiting for this coming season, Guilty Crown & Un-Go. Both are original anime, so I really looking forward to this one.

I strongly agreed with the viewers’ opinion, said that this anime is really stirs someone’s paternal instinct. Let’s say that you’re still not getting married, in other words you have no experience in raising the children. Soon, you might be given the responsibility to raise someone’s child from your own family because of family affairs. So do you really bear the responsibility that you think is dull & easy task but may hold a huge burden to you in the future? So, think before decide. Like I said, I’m not forcing you whether to or not to raise the children. (=_=) Relax and damn straight…

I’ve to tell you that this is one of the best anime this season. Its story really entertains you especially the kids, free of controversies and suitable for viewers from all ages. As of today, it’s ranked #13 in ANN. Another anime series I really like also one of the best anime, Steins;Gate is now ranked #11 in ANN, and now the movie version is now given green light for production. No regrets and it’s worth to watch. Now looking forward to the next season of this anime, I wonder that it might be featuring a grown-up Rin…. NO, I STILL WANT THE CHILDHOOD RIN!!

El Psy Congroo…

Usagi Drop Ep 11 ~Season Finale~ – The First Step (DDL | DDL Batch Folder | Minitheatre)


>You’re still tired after practicing. Yet, exams just around the corner. What should you do?

>> Sleep earlier/Study, then go to sleep

>You chose to study.




>Your Knowledge increased.

>However, you’re stuck on the worst subject.

>In condition you’re tired, your Self-Esteem decreased rapidly.

>You may not be able to cheer up your teammate to improve performance for the live event.

Hahaha. Just killing time making some Persona x iM@S parodies ’cause I’m overexcited for the upcoming Persona 4 anime next month! Insert song entitled “Waratte! (笑って!)” and ending song entitled “START!!” in this episode both were performed by Haruka Amami (CV: Eriko Nakamura)

THE iDOLM@STER Ep 11 – Anticipation, Anxiety, and Foreboding (DDL | Minitheatre)

iM@S Ep 8-10 miniHD

The other idols doesn’t seem to realize some sort of ‘trap’ between 3 of them….

I’m really lazy posting the list of songs from all of these episodes, makes it TL;DR just because of the long lasting delays made by the fansub group. Just use the chapter selection to find out the name of the song.

Guess what? Ep 10 is featuring idols from the entire iM@S universe…

Ep 8: The Indirect Route to Happiness | Ep 9: Things We Can Do Because We’re Together | Ep 10: Even Just a Little Bit Farther, Together (Minitheatre)

I have tried out the future Windows version, Windows Developer Preview a.k.a Windows 8 (actual name not confirmed, just a codename). Installed in another partition, so I will have dual boot options. My specs are Core 2 Duo CPU, 2GB RAM with ATI 512MB Dedicated VRAM and runs pretty well, so you can install and run any software as usual. Notable change and special feature about this version is the new Start Screen, similar to Windows Phone 7 homescreen using Metro UI. Wanna try? Give it a best shot and you can download the DVD image from Microsoft here. This is PRE-BETA release and use it at your own risk. Find out more about Windows 8 development here.