Sankarea 「さんかれあ」 Episode Finale

Story (7.0/10)
A guy that interested in zombie girls were strange but somehow unique. The series were overwhelmed with fanservices but some of it were a bit pleasing me.

Animation, Art & Design (8.5/10)
If you compare it with (Bake/Nise)monogatari anime, the art, the animation, the design & the styles were not completely but nearly similar with how SHAFT had done with their animation style. The characters looks very attractive.

Music/Audio (7.0/10)
The OSTs sounds too generic for a slice-of-life anime, can’t say too much about it. Voice acting was nicely done. The OP song was pretty nice too.

Overall (7.5/10)
For those who are looking forward for some comedy, romance & drama, this might be the one you’re looking for. Although the animation was beautifully done by Studio Deen, the series would never free from clichés. Can’t do anything about the inappropriate fanservices. But still, it was enjoyable. And that cliffhanger at the end of the final episode made this score rose up a bit. 2nd season might be a possibility.

#12: At That Moment… I… (MF | JumboFiles | MT)



#12 – All Blues (MF | JumboFiles | GlumboUploads | UPLOADBAZ | MT)

Doesn’t he reminds me of that Kayneth guy from Fate/Zero?

Anyway, first thing first. Here’s my verdict throughout the series:

Story (8.0/10)
Entirely, it’s not bad at all. Only thing that flawed was when an issue had been resolved, then another one came up. Kaoru had been such an emo guy lately. IMO if he accept the issues that he faced so far & behave himself, I’m sure I’ll add up additional 0.5 point more in this aspect. Oh, one more thing; it did not cover the manga entirely since it’s a 12-episode anime so some parts from the manga were cut out, especially this episode. It skipped the 8 years part so we can’t figure out how they ended up in the 2nd part of the episode. The ending was satisfying but it feels like you’re missing some points there. So it’s better to read the manga itself.

Animation, Art & Design (8.0/10)
The animation sometimes very fluid especially during the jazz sessions. The drum movement, piano, trumpet & other instruments synced very well with the music. Characters appeared throughout the series sometimes a bit appealing, except the guy with fangs because he did not even fit in this ’60s setting anyway.

Music (9.0/10)
As I expected from the Cowboy Bebop music composer, the music was truly masterpiece. All the new renditions of the jazz music from the past were really catchy. From the OP song, through the OSTs, then the stage performance music until the ED song, these were surely never failed me. Nuff said.

Overall (8.5/10)
In conclusion, that was an another good direction by Shinichiro Watanabe after his universal success in Cowboy Bebop & Samurai Champloo but I think adapting something into an anime was not a good idea for him, yet this is josei series. Only his expertise are mixing different things into an anime filled with action-packed & enjoyable moments but overall, it’s good. Only thing that sucks was some repeating melodramatic scenes. With some funny moments between characters throughout the series, you wouldn’t even get bored & also all your curiosities towards the series were gone for good. Anyway nicely done, worth to watch & probably one of the best anime of the season.

Don’t forget about TARI TARI because the story has some similarities with this series.

Kuroko’s Basketball 「黒子のバスケ」 Ep 12 & Sankarea 「さんかれあ」 Ep 11

#12: What Is “Victory” (MF | JumboFiles | GlumboUploads | UPLOADBAZ | MT)

Midori finally gets pwned, figured out how to stop that ridiculous shoot. It seems that Kagami boy will be experiencing another deja vu.

#11: I’m Not… Special… At All… (MF | JumboFiles | GlumboUploads | UPLOADBAZ | MT)

Since when did she became professional in fencing someone? All I know is she was always being forced by that perverted old man to do something that pleases him. Final episode (of the season) will be arrived next week.

KIDS ON THE SLOPE 「坂道のアポロン」 “Sakabuntu version” Ep 11

This is the circle of humanity, I am proudly to present “Sakabuntu” a Linux distribution that released same year as Unix (which was the series’ time setting; 1969) & even before the existence of Linux & Ubuntu LOL.

The award for “The Prince of Emo” goes to Kaoru Nishima! Congratz!

This is not a final episode guys. Just keep hoping for good ending next week.

Finally we’re able to hear Ritsuko singing an Engrish jazz music “My Favorite Things”! Original one below.

The final episode will be titled “All Blues”, which is somewhat a bit familiar with Cowboy Bebop ED song title “The Real Folk Blues”.

#11: Left Alone (MF | JumboFiles | GlumboUploads | UPLOADBAZ | MT Listing)

EDIT: For those who were being baited by the old links, congratz because you’ve been RickRolled! Respect you all so much!

Sankarea 「さんかれあ」 OVA Ep 0

As stated in the episode preview of the last week’s episode, no new Sankarea episode this week. But no need to be sad, because on 6th June a DVD containing an OVA episode of the series was released along with the 6th volume of the manga. I know you’ll be lonely without Sankarea for a week, so I managed to make it available this week.

This is a prologue episode, which took place 7 months before the main event of the series. It’s entirely about how Furuya found out the resurrection method as we all already knew at the beginning of the series. Also hinting how his mother died. There’s some Sanka screen time too, but she’s still a human being during that time.

Please be aware that this one contains a bit of “CERO D”-like or maybe “Z” rated scenes, you’ve been forewarned. And this video is a 72op upscaled version from the original 480p. Since this is a DVD release, don’t expect the HD quality here.

#0 – This… “Fate” Thing… (MF | JumboFiles | GlumboUploads | UPLOADBAZ | MT)