#12 – All Blues (MF | JumboFiles | GlumboUploads | UPLOADBAZ | MT)

Doesn’t he reminds me of that Kayneth guy from Fate/Zero?

Anyway, first thing first. Here’s my verdict throughout the series:

Story (8.0/10)
Entirely, it’s not bad at all. Only thing that flawed was when an issue had been resolved, then another one came up. Kaoru had been such an emo guy lately. IMO if he accept the issues that he faced so far & behave himself, I’m sure I’ll add up additional 0.5 point more in this aspect. Oh, one more thing; it did not cover the manga entirely since it’s a 12-episode anime so some parts from the manga were cut out, especially this episode. It skipped the 8 years part so we can’t figure out how they ended up in the 2nd part of the episode. The ending was satisfying but it feels like you’re missing some points there. So it’s better to read the manga itself.

Animation, Art & Design (8.0/10)
The animation sometimes very fluid especially during the jazz sessions. The drum movement, piano, trumpet & other instruments synced very well with the music. Characters appeared throughout the series sometimes a bit appealing, except the guy with fangs because he did not even fit in this ’60s setting anyway.

Music (9.0/10)
As I expected from the Cowboy Bebop music composer, the music was truly masterpiece. All the new renditions of the jazz music from the past were really catchy. From the OP song, through the OSTs, then the stage performance music until the ED song, these were surely never failed me. Nuff said.

Overall (8.5/10)
In conclusion, that was an another good direction by Shinichiro Watanabe after his universal success in Cowboy Bebop & Samurai Champloo but I think adapting something into an anime was not a good idea for him, yet this is josei series. Only his expertise are mixing different things into an anime filled with action-packed & enjoyable moments but overall, it’s good. Only thing that sucks was some repeating melodramatic scenes. With some funny moments between characters throughout the series, you wouldn’t even get bored & also all your curiosities towards the series were gone for good. Anyway nicely done, worth to watch & probably one of the best anime of the season.

Don’t forget about TARI TARI because the story has some similarities with this series.


KIDS ON THE SLOPE 「坂道のアポロン」 “Sakabuntu version” Ep 11

This is the circle of humanity, I am proudly to present “Sakabuntu” a Linux distribution that released same year as Unix (which was the series’ time setting; 1969) & even before the existence of Linux & Ubuntu LOL.

The award for “The Prince of Emo” goes to Kaoru Nishima! Congratz!

This is not a final episode guys. Just keep hoping for good ending next week.

Finally we’re able to hear Ritsuko singing an Engrish jazz music “My Favorite Things”! Original one below.

The final episode will be titled “All Blues”, which is somewhat a bit familiar with Cowboy Bebop ED song title “The Real Folk Blues”.

#11: Left Alone (MF | JumboFiles | GlumboUploads | UPLOADBAZ | MT Listing)

EDIT: For those who were being baited by the old links, congratz because you’ve been RickRolled! Respect you all so much!

KIDS ON THE SLOPE Ep 10 「坂道のアポロン」

#10: In A Sentimental Mood (MF | JumboFIles | GlumboUploads | UPLOADBAZ | MT)

Someone’s gonna come over & someone’s also gonna leave the city…

If you still haven’t notice yet, I have added the batch folder links of the completed anime titles on the right side of my blog. All are re-uploaded links. So, no need to find the download links in the blog anymore.

KIDS ON THE SLOPE 「坂道のアポロン」 9 & Kuroko’s Basketball 「黒子のバスケ」 10 miniHD

#9: Love me or leave me (MF | JumboFiles | GlumboUploads | UPLOADBAZ | MT)

Focuses on the relationship between Junichi & Yurika actually.

#10: I Can’t Have That (MF | JumboFiles | GlumboUploads | UPLOADBAZ | MT)

Kuroko’s best movement of the match. And the series is much popular in my country, so here’s the proof taken at AFAMY 2012 recently. One more thing, when some of the series’ cuts being shown in the screen during the Production I.G. talkshow, , everyone went “Kyaaa!!”.

Hyouka & Sankarea within a few hours.

KIDS ON THE SLOPE 「坂道のアポロン」 Ep 7 miniHD

#7 – Now’s the time (MF | JumboFiles | GlumboUploads | UPLOADBAZ | MT)

The dawn of rock ‘n roll age, what happened to the jazz? Unfortunately, jazz grows further… Poor the boy with fangs…

I have to say this is the best episode ever! Sentarou & Richie can resolve the conflict again by only a jazz performance. 3 jazz musics combined in the performance! Awesomeness! The last scene of the episode is pretty epic in my opinion, although someone said it’s a BL (boys love) scene. But this is not a usual bishonen series with excessive BL elements, actually this is a josei series created by Yuki Kodama, whom is a woman & it’s aimed to the female audiences. So expect this is a kind of thing that most women like.

Next week’s episode title will be “These foolish things”, looks like another jazz music title. Like last week, no next episode preview posted at the official site. Maybe the next one explains a lot about Jun’s situation.

You can hear out the full music performed by the duos in this episode by getting the OST here!

KIDS ON THE SLOPE 「坂道のアポロン」 Ep 6 miniHD

#6 – You don’t know what love is (MF | JumboFiles | GlumboUploads | UPLOADBAZ | MT)

This week’s episode is a bit letdown for me, with the introduction of a new “anime-typical” character. Don’t blame the anime itself, that’s how the manga was done. Damn that Kaoru, you’re such an emotional guy. We will see how the next one looks like.

Last time, the title of this episode was “My Favorite Things” but they managed to change the name since the full session performing that song wasn’t featured in this episode; only a short training only. Here’s the original one but this is a piano arrangement:

And no previews of the next episode. They didn’t put it on the official site, but the title of the next one is “Now’s The Time”.

For some reason, my MediaFire account screwed up, so I managed to use 2 new download mirrors. You can find the rest of the episode at my MT listing.

Download links from MF are currently in restoration process. This may take some time to finish….