Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal 「美少女戦士セーラームーンクリスタル」 Season Finale -Peace Restored-

[MT-InC] SMC - 26 [256087A0].mkv_snapshot_16.15_[2015.07.26_00.27.16]#26: Rebirth -Never Ending- (Mirrorcreator | DL Links Batch)

Then, they are living happily ever after…. It’s one of those kind of ending again.

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Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal 「美少女戦士セーラームーンクリスタル」 Ep 25 -Greatest Taboo Ever Committed-

[MT-InC] SMC - 25 [139AD4DC].mkv_snapshot_11.30_[2015.07.06_16.05.26]Y’know, something’s unfair right here. Why only Chibiusa got the special 2D transformation treatment while the others got that awkwardly 3DCG transformation? Wow, Toei, that’s totally fair alright. They’re into lolicons lol…

I think they don’t give a crap about this anime anymore, judging from the quality of the episodes lately.

#25: Showdown -Death Phantom- (Mirrorcreator | DL Pastes)

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal 「美少女戦士セーラームーンクリスタル」 Ep 24 -Nemesis Awakened-

[MT-InC] SMC - 24 [674B99FF].mkv_snapshot_13.42_[2015.06.28_01.08.05]Oh boy, it’s Majora’s Mask Final Day all over again. Still, I haven’t finish the 3DS one yet. Since I’m done with my finals, maybe I should finish it.

Black Lady is one crazy ass woman. I don’t care about her feelings with Mamoru, it’s just wrong.

#24: Attack -Black Lady- (Mirrorcreator | DL Pastes)

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal 「美少女戦士セーラームーンクリスタル」 Ep 23 -Wiseman’s Grand Plan-

[MT-InC] SMC - 23 [A8A348E3].mkv_snapshot_06.33_[2015.06.12_03.18.46]This anime goes on through next season. Color me not surprised, though. There are other arcs from the manga that have yet to be adapted into anime format.

I’m damn sleepy right now, studied for this coming finals while attempted to access Nintendo eShop a couple of times but failed miserably. Blame the heavy traffic right after the Smash announcement though. That Ryu hype couldn’t even stop yet. I’m afraid he might be banned for the coming tournaments due to his top tier nature lol.

#23: Covert Maneuvers -Wiseman- (Mirrorcreator | DL Pastes)

Last Week’s Episodes…

Gintama° 「銀魂°」

[MT-InC] Gin - 272 [F9DA4F68].mkv_snapshot_13.53_[2015.05.24_19.40.37]#272: A Reunion Also Brings to the Surface Things You Don’t Want to Remember (Mirrorcreator | DL Pastes)

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal 「美少女戦士セーラームーンクリスタル」

[MT-InC] SMC - 22 [0824013A].mkv_snapshot_17.58_[2015.05.24_19.50.00]#22: Hidden Agenda -Nemesis- (Mirrorcreator | DL Pastes)

Kuroko’s Basketball 「黒子のバスケ」

[MT-InC] KuroBas - 69 [2E2AF4A7].mkv_snapshot_18.14_[2015.05.24_19.43.50]#69: A Miracle Will Not Happen (Mirrorcreator | DL Pastes)

Well, I really wished that 2nd term of my current year study will end sooner than later. One month more to endure it, though.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal 「美少女戦士セーラームーンクリスタル」 Ep 20 -The Future Daughter-

[MT-InC] SMC - 20 [0C1C5172].mkv_snapshot_04.36_[2015.04.21_20.09.58]DUNDUNDUN, here comes the silliest part in the episode. If I was a kid, I assumed them blushing out of blue because usually love is something to get embarrassed of.

Now I’m in the youth age, I know where this is going….

#20: Crystal Tokyo -King Endymion- (Mirrorcreator | DL Pastes)