PSYCHO-PASS 「サイコパス」 Finale

PSYCHO-PASS Ep 22 (Finale) - Perfect World.mkv_snapshot_01.13_[2013.03.23_23.28.20]#22 (Finale): Perfect World (Mirrorcreator)

It’s all over now, probably. I don’t want to spoil everything here, but how will Akane deal with this situation? Kougami planned to kill Shougo, but she doesn’t want to let that happen knowing that his Psycho-Pass meter will increase if he did that. Want more? Just watch this episode already. It’s really good.

And now as usual for every final episode, time for a brief review for a whole series itself:
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The 2nd-last episode of Oct ’12 – March ’13 noitaminA anime block


[fshah-ifc] PsyPass - 21 [0541DE06].mkv_snapshot_21.13_[2013.03.17_10.30.34]#21: Blood-Stained Reward (Mirrrorcreator)

As I expected, we just got Urobutchered again. Ginoza is still a silly Inspector. He didn’t realize how much his father loves him. Anyway, get ready for final showdown between Kougami and Makishima next week!

Robotics;Notes 「ロボティクス・ノーツ」

[fshah-ifc] RoboNotes - 21 [613D564B].mkv_snapshot_18.58_[2013.03.17_10.36.14]#21: Gunvarrel! Launch! (Mirrorcreator)

Finally Kai wants to get along with his childhood girl. No wonder this season has plenty of childhood thingy. But still, Okabe x Kurisu is still the best ones. Good episode by the way.

Sorry for the late releases, just started re-encoding process last night because I just got back from the stadium after watching the hockey match.

PSYCHO-PASS 「サイコパス」 Ep 19

[fshah-ifc] PsyPass - 19 [0DE1A3D5].mkv_snapshot_13.44_[2013.03.01_23.49.05]#19: Transparent Shadow (Mirrorcreator)

Kou does really want to take down Shougo Makishima that bad because Shougo is planning a full-scale chaos. I know it’s a bad idea since it involves people’s live but damn, in my opinion the Sybil System is so wrong right now.

More philosophical dumping in this episode but what happened to Akane afterwards?

UPDATE: Good news about Gintama, Obi-Wan arc will be kicking off next week! Proof here. Bad news, that arc will conclude the current season of Gintama.

PSYCHO-PASS 「サイコパス」 Ep 18

[fshah-ifc] PsyPass - 18 [D43A6F87].mkv_snapshot_14.56_[2013.02.23_17.08.43]#18: A Promise Written on Water (Mirrorcreator)

I don’t have anything else to pick a scene without any spoilers as a snapshot image except this one which shows a pretty cool destructive weapon, Dominator. However in the future, these might become your ultimate enemy.

The director apologized for the poor animation quality in this episode, I noticed that especially during Kougami wearing the helmet but since it’s not “so terrible” & as long as the story is well-written, it’s okay & I don’t mind at all.


PSYCHO-PASS Ep 17 - Iron Heart.mkv_snapshot_15.43_[2013.02.16_20.33.20]PSYCHO-PASS 「サイコパス」 #17: Iron Heart (Mirrorcreator)

Lots of info dumping in this episode but still we don’t know the true purpose of Sibyl System. So there’s more of it in the upcoming episodes. My thoughts about this one, really gruesome. This cat is creepy too…

Robotics;Notes Ep 17 - The Robotics Research Club is disbanded as of today!.mkv_snapshot_17.05_[2013.02.16_20.34.40]Robotics;Notes 「ロボティクス・ノーツ」 #17: The Robotics Research Club is disbanded as of today! (Mirrorcreator)

The story suddenly becomes dark due to the accidents from the previous episode. The atmosphere also changes. And here’s some mecha fight action for you. Nice episode BTW 🙂

[fshah-ifc] Sasasan - 06 [6C5E945F].mkv_snapshot_01.30_[2013.02.16_20.32.32]Sasami-san@Ganbaranai 「ささみさん@がんばらない」 #6: I’m Only Causing My Parents Trouble (Mirrorcreator | MT -shared with closed_21-)

Not only in comics, games & American TV series, this anime also has its own ‘The Walking Dead’. Seems legit, right? Oh yeah, the animation in this episode is much improved & ouch! That gore scene, SHAFT style. All that randomness suddenly turned into much darker feel. Best episode to date.

Saturday Anime Releases

PSYCHO-PASS Ep 16 - The Gate to Judgment.mkv_snapshot_17.40_[2013.02.09_14.56.52]PSYCHO-PASS 「サイコパス」 #16: The Gate to Judgment (Mirrorcreator)

We’re now back to square ones & a showdown between Makishima & Kougami. It’s hard to describe how awesome this episode is. I love the old-fashioned fighting style. Makishima’s pretty good at fighting too. Shocking revelations awaits here, this is like Urobuchi’s style. Watch it now to find out!

[fshah-ifc] RoboNotes - 16 [A3586C64].mkv_snapshot_20.45_[2013.02.09_14.05.14]Robotics;Notes 「ロボティクス・ノーツ」 #16: I love giant robots! (Mirrorcreator)

This anime also has some shocking revelations too. All that Steins;Gate feel came back to me. Sad but awesome episode too! Congratz to Robotics Club for their successful activation test.

EDIT: Ouch! That really damn hurts when someone suddenly get up like ‘that’… Groans…