PSYCHO-PASS 2 「サイコパス2」 Ep 11 (Season Finale) -Collective Psycho-Pass-

[MT-InC] PsyPass2 - 11 [B3A58472].mkv_snapshot_04.20_[2015.02.06_08.12.07]Is this really the strongest Psycho-Pass season yet? Apparently, not.

#11: WHAT COLOR? (Mirrorcreator | DL Links Batch)

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PSYCHO-PASS 2 「サイコパス 2」 Ep 10 -Blackening Akane-

[MT-InC] PsyPass2 - 10 [788C499E].mkv_snapshot_09.53_[2015.01.20_12.11.53]Just one more, Commie. Just one more… Man, if law from this series exists in our world, I guarantee our life will be messed up.

#10: Gauging the Soul (Mirrorcreator | DL Pastes)

PSYCHO-PASS 2 「サイコパス2」 Ep 9 -Kamui’s Vengeance-

[MT-InC] PsyPass2 - 09 [FC5E8FA8].mkv_snapshot_22.07_[2015.01.03_11.24.14]Good, I have more than a reason to hate Inspector Shimotsuki from now on.

If you haven’t notice yet until now, the level of gore for this season is higher than the first one. I mean, it’s a little bit too much that it felt disgusting.

#9: Omnipotence Paradox (Mirrorcreator | DL Pastes)

PSYCHO-PASS 2 「サイコパス2」 Ep 7 & 8 -Proving the Most Worthy Inspector-

[MT-InC] PsyPass2 - 08 [411754D8].mkv_snapshot_17.51_[2014.12.18_19.43.13]Inspector Shimotsuki, better stop smirking & eat that food quickly while it’s hot because you might not be able to taste its deliciousness again…

After the ep 7 revelation, I have to say, that was how Psycho-Pass should be. Can he beat Makishima’s villainy?

Last but not least, a big round of applause for ep 8!

giphy Jokerclapping tumblr_inline_mkucbv7tUX1qz4rgp tumblr_inline_n09s0fpPfJ1rkuow4 tumblr_lkg7779swx1qgisg4 urlYou’ve done well, Inspector.

#7: Untraceable Children (Mirrorcreator)
#8: Conception of the Oracle (Mirrorcreator)

Newest Episodes As of (18/11/14)

Alright, time to post a huge bunch of unreleased episodes for this site. RL struck again last week but everything is under control, for now.

Akame ga KILL! 「アカメが斬る!」

[MT-InC] AkaGaKill - 19 [702C2726].mkv_snapshot_07.11_[2014.11.16_13.33.43]#19: Kill the Fated (Mirrorcreator)
#20: Kill the Carnage -to be released in a separate post soon-

TERRA FORMARS 「テラフォーマーズ」

[MT-InC] TerraForm - 08 [365D0876].mkv_snapshot_17.40_[2014.11.18_19.46.10]#7: Crab (Mirrorcreator)
#8: Der Zitteraal (Mirrorcreator)

PSYCHO-PASS 2 「サイコパス2」

[MT-InC] PsyPass2 - 06 [93564258].mkv_snapshot_05.53_[2014.11.18_19.48.45]#6: Unforbidden Games (Mirrorcreator)
#7: Those Who Cast Stones (Mirrorcreator)

Amagi Brilliant Park 「甘城ブリリアントパーク」

[MT-InC] AburiPark - 07 [466E49F0].mkv_snapshot_01.59_[2014.11.18_19.49.33]#7: Not Enough Pool Safety! (Mirrorcreator)

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal 「美少女戦士セーラームーンクリスタル」

[MT-InC] SMC - 10 [85C36C5D].mkv_snapshot_10.57_[2014.11.18_19.50.05]#9: Serenity -Princess- (Mirrorcreator)
#10: Moon (Mirrorcreator)

PSYCHO-PASS 2 「サイコパス2」 Ep 3 & 4 -Eustress Deficiency-

[MT-InC] PsyPass2 - 04 [E7EC19E0].mkv_snapshot_19.51_[2014.11.04_00.37.12]That was one of the bloody hell, ladies and gentleman. I wasn’t surprised of how Kirito (no SAO pun intended) figured out that Inspectors could also be targeted by Dominator. As long as someone’s Crime Coefficient is past 300 regardless of the social class, that shouldn’t be a problem, right…? “Problem”, huh…

So, “what color?” for today. Hmm, today’s color is as grey as the cloudy afternoon, which is happening at my place now…

#3: The Devil’s Proof (Mirrorcreator)
#4: The Salvation of Job (Mirrorcreator)

PSYCHO-PASS 2 「サイコパス2」 Ep 1 & 2 -Sibyl System Returns-

[MT-InC] PsyPass2 - 02 [C1B8363B].mkv_snapshot_15.35_[2014.10.22_18.33.52]This anime is my personal highlight for the season. It’s a bit shame that Urobuchi didn’t involve too much for this season. The screenwriter is a new guy, even the animation studio has been changed too which is Tatsunoko. Still, Production I.G. is involved in the anime production.

Regardless of these changes, they still keep the dystopian look & feel and it looks more of the same. I’m really glad about that. Only the difference is the sharpness of the animation but it isn’t a big deal though. Musics are awesome as always from Yugo Kanno. He remixed a little bit for the Psycho-pass theme music.

This new season also introduces a line of new characters for the investigation team. They are alright I guess. There’s a new villain too but wouldn’t you believe that even the harem king Kirito is a criminal too? I’m not joking guys.

That aside, Akane is a pretty bad-ass woman now, just like him. The scene that implied her smoking got me right in my heart though. Well, everyone misses him so much right?

#1: The Scales of Justice (Mirrorcreator | DL Pastes)
#2: The Creeping Unknown (Mirrorcreator)