Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Extend Casual Playthrough -Resuming Things-

logo-extendWell, I think it’s been over a month of hiatus since last October, the day I was graduated in which I uploaded the latest Fate/Extra playthrough that time. I’m really sorry for that simply because I had so many things to take care of since I’m a graduate. Now is the best time to resume what’s being left off. I need to slow down the pacing to do it. I don’t want to rush it until it affects my daily routine.

I would like to do another playthrough but it’s casual which means I can do it randomly unlike the usual playthroughs. As you can see now, here’s what I’m talking about, another rhythm game so I can relax from doing those RPG playthroughs where you need to think about leveling up, completing quests & other relevant stuff.

Alrighty then, the 1st Project DIVA casual playthrough is here. My apologies for the commentary audio quality, next one should be better.


Happy ‘Birthday’ Kagamine Sibling!

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Est. 2007. And Sega just made an announcement today regarding the PS3 release of Project Diva F. It’s another Rin & Len songs announcement on their birthday! Whoa, Tokyo Teddy Bear?? And it’s brand new to Project Diva series! So I guess this PS3 release is superior to the PS Vita version, without touch capabilities & AR features of course…

Song of the Week (1/10/12)

Wow, today is October! And a month had passed since the release of Project DIVA f. So this will be the final week for PDf songs.

Normal PV:


Cat Food 「キャットフード」
Music and Lyrics by doriko
Performed by Hatsune Miku

Normal PV:


Toriniko City ~lit. Left-Behind City~ 「トリノコシティ」
Music and Lyrics by 40mP
Performed by Hatsune Miku

Song of the Week (21/09/12)

Another Project DIVA marathon. Next week will be the last for this marathon.

Standard PV version:

Project DIVA PV version:

Monochrome∞Blue Sky 「モノクロ∞ブルースカイ」
Music and Lyrics by Noboru↑ (のぼる↑)
Performed by Hatsune Miku

Have you found your reason to live?

Standard PV version:

Project DIVA PV version:

Music and Lyrics by Kurousa-P (黒うさP)
Performed by KAITO feat. Hatsune Miku & Megurine Luka

This one is really a sad song. A love triangle story; jealousy, betrayal & hatred. Poor Miku in the end, willing to ‘suicide’ herself. But if you wish for a ‘happy ending’, you should watch 「ReACT」, a sequel to this song made by the same person. Miku is the returning character but the other two are Rin & Len. This song is trying to recreate the same situation as ACUTE, so will Miku commit her mistakes again?

Song of the Week (14/09/12)

I’m still going through Project DIVA f song marathon. The song listings this time are really great & better than the PSP’s PD Extend because all of the songs are the new ones, so no rehash from the previous installment excluding the AR mode songs.

Among all of these songs, there’s 2 that really ROCKS!

Unhappy Refrain 「アンハッピーリフレイン」
Music and Lyrics by wowaka
Performed by Hatsune Miku

So no more ‘rolling’ anymore? You might not refrain from listening to this song. This one has so many references to another song including wowaka’s Rolling Girl, Two-Faced Lovers & World’s End Dancehall.

The Project DIVA PV for this song is really awesome. It features Miku, Len & KAITO trio in an awesome uniform or module. I love the drum part in this song.

Tengaku 「天樂」
Music and Lyrics by yuuyu (ゆうゆ)
Performed by Kagamine Rin

For this one, I like the guitar part. Craziness are all over the place! The DIVA PV; I have to say it’s the coolest one. It’s getting better if you successfully completed the Chance Time part, it’s BURNIN’ TIME!

HATSUNE MIKU -Project DIVA- f: Hands-On

I have to say it’s really worth buying it, with plenty of exciting features such as the new AR mode, the improved Edit Mode so you can add up to 3 characters in a single PV, new face expressions & new ways to interact with your Vocaloid characters in DIVA Home, trophy support and others listed here.

Speaking of graphics, when I look it for the first time I spoke myself, “I CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S ON PS VITA!” maybe because I played Project DIVA series for PSP frequently so that a huge graphics improvements in this game can be noticed easily. The anti-aliasing applied to the graphics is really done well.

The songs so far are really nice. One of them is Himitsu Keisatsu 「秘密警察」 which is shown in the video above. I noticed that when I press the wrong button, the vocalist stops singing for a moment. I was a bit LOL about this because I thought when I screw up the button matching, the characters also screw up the song for me. Sounds like a payback. About the PVs, there’s a new thing that you can trigger different endings based on your Chance Time performance. More info about it can be found by clicking on the hyperlinked text at the beginning of the post. Also, the modules in this game are attracting & there’s plenty of accessories & stuff to unveil.

Enough chit chat about it for now. I might show you about the DIVA Home & AR features soon. Glad that I bought this game, worth my moolah!

This game also will be released on PS3 next year, only the notable features is the full HD graphics. It’s not another Dreamy Theater but it’s a standalone game, the first Project DIVA game to be released in multi-platforms.

Sorry for my English-Malaysian accent & the blurry video. I recorded using mobile phone camera anyway.

More info: Project DIVA Wikispaces
Official site (JP): -Project DIVA- f

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