Guile Theme Goes With Everything – Persona 4 the Animation

Guile theme from Street Fighter II became one of the famous internet meme since 2010. This music can be fit into anything as long as it suits well. That’s why it called “Guile Theme Goes With Everything”. Because of that, I decided to make one and here’s the product of my idea. Enjoy!


Hyouka 「氷菓」 Ep 13 miniHD, bad news & happy news

A Corpse by Evening *Updated with v2 version* (JumboFiles | GlumboUploads | MT)

More of the same about the Kanya Festival. This episode is full of Nichijous. Oreki finally fond of something and that face in the end was priceless. Looks like more Mayaka screentime next week!

I have good news for ya, but let me tell you the bad first. Coalgirls is officially dropped the Persona 4 anime Blu-ray project. So no more P4A releases subbed by the group, temporarily. Sauce here.

And the good and the happiest news yet is….. guess what? K-ON! Movie Blu-Ray has been released & now the English subtitled version is now available, done by CoalGuys which had been previously worked on the other K-ON! shows. The original size is big, around 1.3GB for 720p version. What I’m going to tell you is that I’ve decided to do this one. So you’ll save up some download time & bandwith. Happy?

Persona4 the ANIMATION Vol.5: The Copycat Murderer Chapter (Ep 11-12) miniHD + NEW AMV

#11 – Catch Me If You Can
#12 – It’s Not Empty At All
Batch Folder

Here are the 2 more episodes that conclude the first half of the series. Also, one of the “Reincarnation” OSTs included in the fight scenes from the 12th episode to make it more epic. My 1st AMV also used the same track.

And here you go, my 2nd AMV uploaded yesterday! This time it’s a character AMV. So, I did Kanji’s first. I used “Time for True Revelation” song from the P4OST Vol.2 as the character BGM because it suits well with his personality, it made him more manly. I like the drum part, feels catchy. Lyrics for this song also available. All you have to do is just enable the Closed Captioning (CC) button on the YouTube player and voila! Rise Up & Put Them Up Right NOW!!

Persona4 the ANIMATION Vol.4: Rise Kujikawa’s Arc (Ep 8-10)

#8 – We’ve lost something important again
#9 – No one sees the real me
#10 – Real Me Doesn’t Exist
Batch Folder

It’s been a long time since Vol.4 release but the fansub group released them late. Vol.5 Eng subtitled episodes just released today. So I’m now workin’ on it.

Then right after the final episode a.k.a Normal End of the TV anime series, Aniplex announced that the director’s cut of the episode will be included in the 10th volume of the BD/DVD release set on August 22nd this year. Plus, a True End episode will be included together as an OVA release anD OMG!!! IT’S A BATTLE AGAINST MARGARET!! CAN’T WAIT FOR IT! Unfortunately, it’s 4 months away man…

Preorders via CDJapan:
Limited Edition (BD | DVD)
Regular Edition (DVD)

To all anime staffs, please make the last 2 eps much more better & epic. Hope they will not disappoint me…

「True Story」 – Persona4 the ANIMATION Vol.4 BONUS CD

Like usual, this time the Bonus CD includes a full song entitled 「True Story」 sung by Rise Kujikawa (CV: Rie Kugimiya) as heard in Ep 9’s OP, at the beginning of Rise’s arc. Also including 2 more anime OSTs.

Tr.01「True Story」
Tr.02「True Story」 -instrumental ver.-
Tr.03「True Story」 -TV size ver.-
Tr.04「Your Future」
Tr.05「I wish」

Vocals (True Story): Rie Kugimiya
Lyrics (True Story): Yuichiro Tanaka
Composer & Arranger: Shoji Meguro

Download link:

© Index Corporation/P4A Committee

Persona4 the ANIMATION Vol.3 Stuffs

#5: Would you love me?

#6: I’ll beat you, and beat you good

#7: Suspicious Tropical Paradise

Batch Folder

Vol.3 Bonus CD: Drama CD Vol.1*

Screenshot Comparison

*The drama is in Japanese. I’m not professional enough to translate them in English and I’m still learning. So if someone who are willing to translate them for us (me and the readers), feel free to send the translations thru comments or post it by giving download link. Your assistance is much appreciated!

Enjoy with your Persona 4 Vol.3 release! It’s Kanji Tatsumi episode. More hilarious scene during 7th episode with an epic Persona fusion performed by Yuu!

Next volume release will be on February 22, with “True Story” single performed by Rie Kugimiya (CV: Rise Kujikawa) as the Bonus CD.

Preorder via: CDJapan (Blu-ray | DVD) | Yesasia (Blu-Ray only for a moment)