Sudden delay… (NOT ANYMORE)

Well, looks like my laptop has been sent to the service center for repairs. The reason is I can’t turn on my laptop when the power button is pressed but for some reason, sometimes it can be turned on but no display output, everything’s black but the internal hardwares; motherboard, speakers, DVD writer, keyboard seems fine. I can even hear the Windows startup sound. Maybe it’s related to the power problem. No battery problem though, because when I remove the battery & connect the adapter, the result still same.

Anyway, I am using my netbook as temporary replacement, but it has no capabilities of encoding & decoding HD videos. Even if I try to re-encode animes there, it’s freakin’ slow, even snails can go faster than that.

Enough blabbering for now. Unfortunately, I have to suspend all re-encode tasks for now until further notice. The repairs might took around 2-4 weeks, so if the repairs finished quickly, I’ll try to catch the schedule again. And gahhh,  final exam is just around the corner….

Sorry for the inconvenience caused, guys…. 😦

UPDATE: The person in charge contacted me just now, and it seems the problem can be solved for now right here. ( I have to observe my laptop at least around 3 days whether it is working fine. But anyway, that’s a good news to hear & I’m glad to resume the re-encoding task ASAP. Thank goodness, I saved up $100 for the repairs; the cost of the brand new motherboard.


Gintama Ep 251 miniHD

When Sleeping Under a Kotatsu, Make Sure You Don’t Burn Your Balls (MF | Minitheatre)

Some of the jokes in this episode are pretty lame actually. The ideas of how to express the hand-drawn manga chapters into the anime are running out.

Do you see the episode pic above? They are getting bald. So, that’s the sign Gintama series is aging LOL.

Anyway this series might take another hiatus. The final episode of the season to be aired next week.

The ‘sauce’:

B★RS Ep 7 miniHD

Title: Wish upon the star soaring through the darkness (MF | ifile | Minitheatre)

Strength, I think you treated Black Rock Shooter too much like a figma. Insane BRS is really …durable, and it’s worth for those who bought the Blu-Ray/DVD box set.

Catch the next week’s final episode preview at Guilty Crown also will be finished together, the preview also available here at Question wavering in my mind; will Guilty Crown ended like Code Geass??

While waiting for next week, I have something to give you, the end card illustration from this week’s episode of Guilty Crown by redjuice of supercell. Feel free to use it as a wallpaper, Facebook cover photo, posters, etc.

…and where’s Souta?


A Hope That Shouldn’t Have Been There (MF | ifile | Minitheatre)

Enjoy this episode with more INSANE B★RS actions! 2 more to go and this will be finished together with Guilty Crown in the same Fuji TV’s noitaminA timeblock because both are supercell’s related anime.

Just got back from KL after attending ANIMAX CARNIVAL 2012 event @ 1Utama Shopping Complex. It was started yesterday & will be end around 6 pm today. So for those who are living around KL area or somewhere nearby the venue, take this opportunity and feel free to drop by. Lots of goodies & merchandises up for grabs! I will posting the photos later. More info at

Gintama Ep 249 miniHD

>>Presents Are Meant To Be Given Early (DDL | Minitheatre)

I agree with that episode title & presents are not supposed to be given at a later time. If you have something to give to your loved ones, do it now! Keep waitin’ then you’ll make yourself harder to give it to that person. That’s only my opinion.

Anyway, Shinpachi megane at the episode intro is full of win! And this is also a lucky episode for him, an AKB48 reference.


(MF | ifile | Minitheatre)

This marks the beginning of the second-half of the television series. Day by day, it is getting creepier & darker than the OVA episode, I’ve to admit it. In this week’s episode, “Kotori asobi” (Yomi) from real world & Dead Master from the other world are getting INSANE but apparently they will not only the ones who are INSANE. Soon BLACK★ROCK SHOOTER also will be transformed into her INSANE mode.

So, “INSANE BLACK★ROCK SHOOTER” is born and she will be packed together with the B★RS Limited Edition Blu-Ray/DVD BOX set to be released this June 22nd. You can take a look at the INSANE designs from the official site. Preorders can be made via CDJapan: (Blu-Ray | DVD)

Figma is created by Good Smile Company

Expect more of the INSANE B★RS’ INSANE actions next week. Watch the INSANE preview at IB★RS FTW! XD

And do you still remember this INSANE expression? Compare it with the episode screenshot:P.S.: I knew it! Something special will happen bcoz the episode name is entitled “BLACK★ROCK SHOOTER” anyway, same as the anime title! And wow, too many INSANE words today…