Falcom Academy 「みんな集まれ!ファルコム学園」 Ep 9-13 (SEASON 1 END)

[MT-InC] FalGak - 13 [C6342CC0].mkv_snapshot_01.46_[2015.02.01_10.09.04]Damn, it’s been almost a year since these episodes came out. But yeah, we’re done with the 1st season of this short series that delivers some Falcom fanservices out of the box. I wanted to do the 2nd season which is happening right now, but still there’s no English subs release yet. Only Migoto is picking this up but I’m unsure of when they’ll release it.

#9: Xanadu’s Grilled Pikkard (Mirrorcreator)
#10: Falcom Academy Cafeteria Opens! (Mirrorcreator)
#11: New Teachers Arrive! (Mirrorcreator)
#12: Everyone Assemble! Falcom Kindergarten (Mirrorcreator)
#13 (Season 1 Finale): The Man of Legends Arrives! (Mirrorcreator)


Falcom Academy 「みんな集まれ!ファルコム学園」 Ep 6-8 -Adol’s Bizarre Adventure-

[MT-InC] FalGak - 08 [56900AF4].mkv_snapshot_01.19_[2014.07.02_23.58.56]It’s been a long time since the 5th episode of Falcom Academy. We kept waiting for Migoto’s release since then & until now, they released 3 episodes only. Well, better late than never. I’m so glad they’re still doing this series.

Anyway, the American Adol from Ys III Sega Genesis version is here ready to kick some ass. Yep, the episodes are all about Adol. LOL I wonder if it was how he looked like in the game, maybe from the game cover design. I love how they keep referencing things from the games. Plus, that Falcom music hype though.

Falcom is about to release another Legend of Heroes game titled Sen no Kiseki II this year. After that they should announce a new Ys game next year. If it’s not Ys VIII, then at least they should remake Ys V just like they did with Ys IV.

#6: Dark and Tio in the Broadcasting Room? (Mirrorcreator)
#7: Let’s Conquer Darm Tower! (Mirrorcreator)
#8: Adol! Adol! Adol! (Mirrorcreator)
Minitheatre Listing

Falcom Academy 「みんな集まれ!ファルコム学園」 Update

Untitled-1If you’re still wondering about the release of Falcom Academy, I have a pretty bad news for you. Kelaruj, the original translator has stopped translating this series and since then, Migoto referred her translation for their release since she’s knowledgeable about Falcom universe. I knew how she felt about it but unfortunately as a result, they might delay the release until around this week, probably. They might release Ep 6 because that was the last episode she’d translated. No news for Ep 7 though but I hope Migoto can do something about the translation for the future episodes.

Falcom Academy 「みんな集まれ!ファルコム学園」 Ep 5 -Adventurer Logic-

[MT-InC] FalGak - 05 [D6AD80D2].mkv_snapshot_01.18_[2014.02.05_21.23.24]Opening someone’s drawer or chest box to find items is legal, the only logic that happens only in the game. It seems someone tried to act like the Evil Queen from Snow White.

For the first time, I’ll be re-encoding this series in 480p. lil-phantom-thief from Minitheatre reserved the listings for both versions of this series (480p & 720p) & apparently he seems quite busy nowadays, resulting insufficient time to manage them. So he just let me handle those listings.

#5: The Pop Quiz of Terror!? (Mirrorcreator | Minitheatre)

Falcom Academy 「みんな集まれ!ファルコム学園」 Ep 4 -Bump ‘Til You Drop-

[MT-InC] FalGak - 04 [0552DEBA].mkv_snapshot_01.40_[2014.01.30_21.12.59]UntitledSee any similarities here?

Well Mr. Fact, you picked a wrong time at a wrong place to commence a fight with Adol & that final boss music though, so good. But he can also perform S-Craft for real?? It didn’t happen in Ys games LOL!

Poor those Kiseki characters became his victim though, they have to feel how Adol felt during the fight at the top of the Darm Tower, as you can see at the actual gameplay image here. This guy is no joke especially in Nightmare difficulty. Fireballs, projectiles & even pitfalls for days!

That old school bump system joke wins this episode. More importantly, Adol’s statement is right. He ain’t a hero, he’s just an adventurer that has a habit for arriving at the right place at the wrong time & without any hesitation, he saved the day from any chaotic disaster.

#4: Dark-sensei’s First Class (Mirrorcreator | Minitheatre -shared listing-)

Falcom Academy 「みんな集まれ!ファルコム学園」 Ep 3 -The Demoted Dark Fact-

[MT-InC] FalGak - 03 [4166272A].mkv_snapshot_01.42_[2014.01.22_20.28.13]Dark Fact surely having a harsh time with these abnormal people in the distorted world of Falcom. Where’s that well-known House Fact’s magic to change these people…? I saw more Trails in the Sky characters that I haven’t familiar with. I’m playing the FC, so maybe they’ll be introduced later in the game. Right now the playable characters that I know are Estelle, Joshua, Schera & Oliver.

Thanks to the fansub group Migoto for picking this up, now I can use it as the main source for re-encoding. The subs are almost identical because they referred to the same translator but the styling & typesetting are much better than the old ones.

#3: The Origin of Dark-sensei (Mirrorcreator | Minitheatre -shared listing-)

And Ep 1 & Ep 2 had been remastered with new fansub too!

Falcom Academy 「みんな集まれ!ファルコム学園」 Ep 2 -Teacher from Darm Tower-

[MT-InC] FalGak - 02 [B81B1C56].mkv_snapshot_00.56_[2014.01.15_00.36.35]Soon when I play Ys I again with harder difficulty, batlle with the final boss will never be the same again… And Adol is almost useless there LOL because no girls coming at him which is a tradition in most of Ys games. As far as I know, Ys II & Ys VI are the only games that have a female character approaching the unconscious Adol. Fuuny to see Estelle drove Joshua & the rest away by using one of her skills in which I didn’t know yet simply because I haven’t play Trails in the Sky before, but at least I got their joke while being thrown into the sky LOL.

Anyway I’m glad XSEED finally decided to release the 2nd chapter of Trails in the Sky in English this year. Although it has a massive amount of texts to be translated, thanks to Carpe Fulgur for their assistance in localizing it. They deserve a respect from me for their greatest effort. But I really hope they willingly to handle the localization for the final chapter of this series.

#2: Dark Fact Summoned (Mirrorcreator | MT -waiting for listing-)