K-ON! Hōkago Live!! Casual Playthrough -Being A Hardcore…-

K-On-LogoI’m truly sorry for my inactivity with game playthroughs lately simply because of the BS came from my ISP which was the uploading issues. I found it weird that even my download rate is truly fast, the upload speed was terribly slow. So I’ve contacted my ISP and I’ve been waiting for about 2 days to allow them to fix this issue. Now, everything is back on track again.

But regardless, this is my 5th casual playthrough of this game. I changed Yui’s & Mio’s look so we don’t have to see them wearing the same uniform again in each song. And for this part, I’ve played the hardest song in the game so far…


K-ON! Hōkago Live!! Casual Playthrough -All The Way To The Hard Mode-

K-On-LogoLike I said before, I will do the K-ON! PSP casual playthroughs with live commentaries so I keep my word and here it is. =)

To be honest, I kinda don’t like the part where the button notes suddenly appear at the very left edge side of the song note without even realizing it so if a button note appears at the right side edge and then suddenly another button note appears at the left side edge, you have no time to react with that, so you are pretty much mess up with the song already…

Here’s the list of songs that played during this part:
1) Watashi no Koi ha Hotchkiss/My Love is a Stapler (Bass Mio HARD)
2) Humming Bird (Drums Ritsu HARD)
3) Hello Little Girl (Rhythm Guitar Azusa HARD)

P.S.: Attack on Titan episodes from 13-15 will be available later. Before I upload other several episodes, I should up them first.

K-ON! Hōkago Live!! Game Exhibition -Meanwhile From Nintendo…-

Before the next part of Koumajou Densetsu II goes live, I’ve uploaded some casual playthroughs of this rhythm game made by the developer behind Project Diva series, Sega. Take a note that I didn’t made any commentaries for these videos but sooner I’ll do it live. By the way, I chose “Sweet Bitter Beauty Song” with Hard difficulty.

Bass (Mio) & Drums (Ritsu):

Rhythm Guitar (Asuza)

I like the way they emphasize specific instruments for each character in each songs.

So that’s that I guess, but on the other hand…. Continue reading