Gintama. 「銀魂。」 Ep 326 -The Never-Ending Bloodbath Fight-

Holy crap, that was hype AF! This is how the beef between Soulja Boy & Chris Brown should’ve gone lol.

#326: Battle on Rakuyo Arc Part Ten: Siblings


Gintama. 「銀魂。」 Ep 317-319

mt-inc-gin-319-d61bde3d-mkv_snapshot_10-27_2017-01-29_20-16-27Gintama’s back babeh! New season kicked off pretty strong with the re-introduction of the main antagonist of the series. Also, we gotta see Kagura’s family reunion in her homeland but the reunion is not what you will expect like Chinese New Year’s family reunion which is pretty much ongoing right now.

#317: Battle on Rakuyo Arc Part One: The Monster and the Monster’s Child
#318: Battle on Rakuyo Arc Part Two: Leave Letter
#319: Battle on Rakuyo Arc Part Three: The Song of Samurai

PSA: New Chaos;Child episodes, as well with the latest Gintama & Gundam IBO eps are to put on hold at the moment. Details in my Twitter updates.

UPDATE: After 3 months of silence…

Research_HeroHi guys, it’s been a while since my last post 3 months ago. First and foremost, I would like to apologize for my long absence since the end of last March. A lot of things happened and although I told you guys about the 3 month hiatus in the 3-month-old previous post, I think it is worth to explain to you guys about it.

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