Final Fantasy IX Playthrough -The Ice Cavern, Treasure Hunting-

ff-logo-9Master Vivi saves the day with his magical fire to search for treasures.

And apparently, someone’s waiting for us ahead…

NOTE: This post number is 666?? For real LOL??


Final Fantasy IX Playthrough -The AVENGERS Of Pluto-

Apparently, Steiner or whatever the name you did chose or made for him is the only character that using your preferred name as his surname unlike other FF series where you always have to give the 1st name of the characters. So his 1st name is Adelbert by the way.

I’m just giving some FF9 trivia for you. =)

Final Fantasy IX Playthrough -Plan to Kidnap Princess of Alexandria-

Alright guys, the playthrough of the best FF game for PS1 is now live! Some people said FF7 is the best, then some other people said FF9 is the best and then FF10 but oh well, for me each series has its own merits. For me all FF games were great but the best among them was FF6. The other FF games after the Square Enix merge are not bad at all but I don’t really acknowledge them as a true FF game especially FF13. So I should call the first 10 main FF series as true classics hands down. Truly nostalgic! XD