Fate/Extra Platythrough -Encountering A New Saber Class Servant-

Fate-EXTRA-LogoWell, this is my last post for today so right after this, I have to embark on my journey to the convocation venue with my fellow colleagues. This will be a hectic week from today.

P.S.: By the way, I’ve achieved the 1st-class diploma award. I can’t believe I’ve gone that far LOL.


Fate/Extra Playthrough -The Invincible Armada-

Fate-EXTRA-LogoWelcome back to more playthrough series today LOL.

And in this part, we just find some info regarding enemy Servant’s abilities so we can take advantage during the elimination battle.

Fate/Extra Playthrough -Crawling Around The Arena & The 1st Round Opponent-

Fate-EXTRA-LogoThe game starts to pick up simply because we are managed to get into the dungeon & we’ll be pretty much fighting with some enemies. So finally it’s time for some action!

If you have seen the playthroughs during the prologue chapter, you already knew how long the exploration & mystery hunting around the school LOL. And I should prepare a notebook & a pen for the battle part. Find out why in this part.

Also, we’ll find out our opponent for the 1st round of The Holy Grail War. And the opponent is…..

P.S.: Take a note that during the certain parts for both of these videos, you will barely hear my voice simply because of the lousy game volume that surpasses my own voice. I didn’t recognize that so I’m deeply apologize for that… >.<

Fate/Extra Playthrough -Memory Loss & Kirei Is Now An NPC-

Fate-EXTRA-LogoSo the format for this rendition of The Holy Grail War is pretty much like the tournament style. Kirei didn’t become a bad guy in this game haha. He did explain to us about what’s going to happen in the future. We’ll meet Rin also in this part.

UPDATE: Forgot to mention about this but starting from this point, I’m using the OP song from Part 7 as the intro for the upcoming playthroughs of this game.

Fate/Extra Playthrough -A Forced Dead End??-

Fate-EXTRA-LogoBut finally we’re getting into the actual story.

By the way, the opening song in this game is Ranse Eroica 「亂世エロイカ」 (lit. Chaotic Heroic) performed by ALI PROJECT. Maybe I’ll use that opening sequence as the intro for the upcoming playthroughs. (Depends on how YouTube reacts with it…)