Windows 8 Launch Live Video

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Microsoft guys said this is the biggest change in Windows since Windows 95. True?

New Android 3.1 Honeycomb featured in Motorola Xoom

Here’s the video demo of Motorola Xoom, with the latest version of Android Honeycomb, the only version specially designed for PC tablets. New features including the compatibility of USB game controller, UI refinements, bug fixes, improved performance, etc. Further information provided here.

GLaDOS Reboot Imminent!

The actual release of the most anticipated sci-fi puzzle-platform game “Portal 2” is on April 19, 2011. But there’s another way to change the release date; by providing enough computational power to “reboot GLaDOS”. But how? All you have to do is to play and complete various challenges in the Potato Sack games to release Portal 2 on Steam before the planned April 19, 2011 date. So, if you can’t wait until the next Tuesday, then hurry and visit this site and play the Potato Sack games to revive the long-abandoned GLaDOS. “Still Alive”, isn’t it?

EDIT: Here’s the video showing the final moments when Chell was encountering with GLaDOS from the first Portal game. Warning for those who are new to this game or haven’t passed this part yet, this may contain spoiler so ‘watch it on your own risk’. I like the “Still Alive” ending song very much.