Steve Jobs dies today (Oct 5, 2011)

The world’s most beloved computer entrepreneur & inventor who was also a co-founder of Apple & Pixar Animation Studios dies as of today. So it’s the day after the announcement of the new iPhone 4S.

The front page of the Apple official site has been changed regarding the sad news.

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Angry Birds New World Record Smashed in Malaysia!

Can’t you believe it? Malaysians have made a world’s history yesterday. It’s about breaking the Guinness World of Record for the most people playing in a mobile phone game relay. Finally, it’s officially announced. The total number of participants was exceeded to 2030. Anyway, that was really a huge number. Thanks to Nokia Malaysia and also to the Malaysians (including me…) who participated in this attempt. Omedeto!

PSN Hacked Again! Is It The End of PlayStation Saga?


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I can’t say anymore regarding this issue, but this is what I get from regarding PSN outrage: Sony’s reputation as a computer security pygmy has deepened again, with the latest hack seeing it apparently lose a million user accounts to … Continue reading

All Hail Barcelona!!

Déjà vu for Manchester United ’cause defeated again by Barca since 2009 finals. Anyway, congrats for both teams. They really did a great job there. And also congratulations to Barcelona for becoming the European champions for the 4th time.

Lionel Messi became the Man of the Match. He was also became the top scorer along the season with 12 goals.

Nuclear Fears…

This is another bad news. Yesterday on March 14, another huge explosion has taken place in Fukishima Nuclear Reactor 3, 11 injured after the incident.

The nuclear blast at the reactor:

As a result, the Japanese surrounded with the fear of the nuclear blast.  For those who have plans to go to the land of rising sun, you’re recommended to postpone or cancel the trip for a while despite the situation that is now happening…

And keep an eye on the food & beverages that are imported from that country, we can’t expect whether they are safe from the radiation exposure…

EDIT (16/03/11): Fukushima Nuclear Reactor 4 was exploded.

Earthquake Terror in Japan

Lately, i heard this news that is already spread quickly like a flash throughout the world, so i think i like to post here since i said that this blog will be a variety-type.

First of all, i hope that everyone there are now safe, “daijobu desu ka?”, although there are many casualties and missing victims reported by the officials. I feel very sorry for the incident. I’m also glad that my friends wasn’t there during that time.

FYI, this massive earthquake measured around M8.8-9.1 occurred around 2.46pm JST (1.46pm MST). The epicenter was to be around 130km off the east coast of the Oshika Peninsula, Tōhoku region. This was one of the five largest earthquakes in the world’s modern history. The worst case scenario, this earthquake was followed by the tsunami waves of up to 10 meters, which caused massive destruction in most population areas, especially Sendai.

Watch these videos to find out the situation:

(Courtesy of JNN)

(Courtesy of TBS)

Indoor and outdoor scenes of devastation:

(Courtesy of NHK World)

The explosion of an oil refinery in Chiba prefecture, during the aftershocks after the earthquake:

Another worst thing, a strong radiation were detected around the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant because of the cooling system failure due to the earthquakes. The explosion of the plant:

The amateur videos recorded during the earthquake, including the footage from Tokyo, which also one of the locations affected by the tremor:

If you want to look for more, you can Google or find in YouTube with the keyword “2011 Sendai Earthquake”.

P/S: Thanks to the earthquakes, the anime time block in some TV channels were delayed to give follow-ups about the incident.