Persona Games Announcement -PQ, P4U2, P4D & P5-

UntitledWow, today Atlus announced 4 Persona games during the livestream. Here are the game lineups:

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Kyoukai no Kanata 「境界の彼方」 Ep 8 -The Night of Lull- & More Persona Insanity

[InC] BeyondBoundary - 08 [AB268377].mkv_snapshot_03.54_[2013.11.24_11.59.02]#8: Golden Lull (Mirrorcreator | MT -shared listing-)

Right now, I don’t care about this episode, I care about tonight’s announcement from Atlus itself about Persona related stuff. So much hype is going on right now. They even doing some livestream countdown & talk shows while waiting for it. So I think they didn’t only announce a game only, but there are some revealed things or events during the countdown that foreshadow a new Persona game. So I hope they will not intend to announce Persona 5 as the sequel to Persona 4, I mean with the returning characters from P4. Sequels is OK in terms of timeline & universe but I want all new characters in each Persona series with a separate storyline & has ties with the previous series.

Catch up the latest update about tonight’s announcement and other related stuff right here:

UPDATE: In case if you want to watch the livestream Persona announcement tonight, you can go to the Twitch channel here, direct stream from the official Nico Nico livestream thanks to IshamaruIsorath. The livestream is over & I will post the games that were announced during that time. Stay tuned!

Get Ready For Hype!!

UntitledNote: The date & time are in JST. Source:

I really hope it will be a new Persona installment. I’ve seen enough Persona 4 sequels already, not to mention the Ultra Suplex Hold version of Persona 4 Arena… Well, basically it’s the 3rd P4 game and a sequel to P4 Arena so it’s another fighting game by Atlus x Arc System Works. Japanese really like long ass title though, so it’s called Persona 4 The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold, got that? Well, I hope it will be the official Persona 5 reveal…

And darn, it’s been a long time since Trauma Team came out. I would like to see the next Trauma Center game sooner.

PlayStation Meeting 2013 Livestream = PS4 announcement?

bloghome_psmeetingLivestream link (6pm EST/3pm PT/11pm UTC/7am MST *the next day*/8am JST *the next day*)

Well, there’s a high possibility that Sony will announce PS4 or codenamed Orbis today. There might be a price cut for Vita, and the mem cards too. We’ll have to wait and see.

Lately Sony teased us with a few PlayStation Evolution videos showing the histories like the previous gen of PS consoles (PS1, PS2, PSP) & the evolution of gaming.

So what are your thoughts about this next-gen console? Is it ‘only’ the most powerful gaming console in this generation?


How old is Metal Gear franchise now? I can’t believe it gets 25.

Anyway, recently at PAX 2012, Hideo Kojima showed a 10-minute game footage of the upcoming Metal Gear game, METAL GEAR SOLID GROUND ZEROES. I’m getting confused whether it’s MGS5 Kojima talked about lately, because some said that MGS Peace Walker was already MGS5.

Set after the events of Peace Walker, Big Boss will return in this game. I’m so excited because he’s the most badass character in Metal Gear series. The game will be using Kojima Productions’ in-house game engine, FOX Engine. The graphics are sure really crisp & top-notch. I thought if the graphics are like that, maybe it will be released for the next-gen consoles. Owh, the game demo was rendered using a high-end PC, so the PC version is a possibility?

Kojima also stated that this will be an open-world stealth-action game. You can do many things in this game like driving a vehicle, go to other places, etc.

My first impressions; the game looks promising with fluid graphics, a pretty good concept, nice cutscenes and the mission briefing intro made me dive in deeper in this game.

So, here’s the epic game footage trailer & enjoy!

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Waiting for -Project DIVA- f

The songs in this game looks entertaining, especially daniwell’s Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya! song, kz & Hachiouji-P’s Weekender Girl, wowaka’s World’s End Dancehall and last but not least supercell’s ODDS&ENDS. The game itself will be released for PS Vita this Thursday. So, I’ll grab it as soon as it’s made available at the stores nearby.

Info from official site (JP), ANN, Vocaloid Wikia & Wikipedia.


Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 “DA BEST”

It’s been a while since I’ve played the first Devil Survivor game last year. And now I am playing this game that had been released 2 days ago. Gameplay is still more of the same as the predecessor, but with new elements like “Fate System”; a Social Link-like mechanism inspired from Persona 3 & 4, improved fusion methods and also the well-known SMT’s Demon Compendium added in this game, these will make the game m0re fun & enjoyable. Difficulty is the most annoying part in this game, but if you keep leveling up you’ll not facing that issue again.

The story is very deep & intriguing. If you watched the teaser trailer, the story have bits of “Final Destination”. And I love the boss-of-the-day creature; Septentriones design made by Mohiro Kitoh (Bokurano), it feels like Evangelion-ish y’know, they came out from nowhere.

Picture above is the US cover box of the game, released on 28/2/12. And below one is the backside of the box. (Click the picture to enlarge)

The soundtracks in this game is pretty much improved & better than the last one, dragging you into the battle of epicness!

And here’s the game opening where the awesomeness begin, and it’s my favorite too!

「夢幻の世界」 (Mugen no Sekai lit. World of Fantasy)
Vocals: Kinuko Saga
Composer & Arranger: Kenji Itou

EDIT: And here’s the battle tutorial made by ATLUS USA:

Grab your copy today at and get ready for “Neon Genesis Evangelion” strategy!

Info: Official site | Megami Tensei Wiki (May Contain SPOILERS)

P.S.: You can get the ROM file at this site, but it’s pretty buggy, so you’re encouraged to buy the original so you can support the company to make great games in the future.

P.S. 2: Now we’re waiting for the very last true NDS game, Pokémon Black 2 & White 2…

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