Little Busters! Anime Countdown Week – Final Day -Delayed-

LOL! Guess I was too late.

Anyway, while waiting for the English subbed release from UTW-Mazui, here’s the OP song of the VN itself. Enjoy!

「Little Busters!」
Performed by Rita
Composition and Lyrics: Jun Maeda
Arrangement: I’ve Sound


Little Busters! Anime Countdown Week – Day 1

Commencing Little Busters! Anime Countdown Week now! Around 6 days left until the premiere day this Saturday midnight!

For today’s post, here’s my only favorite soundtrack in LB!. Such a kawaii & pretty sweet music especially when played during the time Rin was playing with the cats. Love the synth & bass tone. I wonder which software did they use in this video? Hope the anime series will include this soundtrack.

「Ring Ring Ring!」
Composition: Jun Maeda
Arrangement: Manack