Fall 2015 Anime Re-encoding Update

2 anime confirmed for re-encoding:

  • Haikyuu!! Second Season
  • Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans

…but things I haven’t done yet are:

  • RINNE S1 review
  • Gintama Ep 291 upload

Actually, I got my hands full of…. you know assignments, tests, all kinds of university stuff. That’s why I felt disorganized, missing the re-encoding schedules and whatnot.

I should hold off the RINNE review until I finished dealing with those 2 anime up there. They should be ready by tomorrow. For Gintama, it’ll be up pretty soon.

In the meantime, enjoy this short clip made by myself. It was made & uploaded not very long ago, around last August.

I deeply apologize for the delay & lateness and I sincerely regret it.


Fall 2014 Lineups

Psycho_Pass-season-2-672x3721) PSYCHO-PASS 2
2) Amagi Brilliant Park
3) Buddy Complex “The Final Act”
4) Terraformars

I’m going to re-arrange my schedule in order to balance the time between re-encoding task & the college life. Too many things to manage during the degree session. Anyway, Psycho-pass 2 & Fate/stay night UBW TV series are my highlights for this season. So sad that Production I.G didn’t handle PP2’s animation anymore, Tatsunoko took it instead. I won’t be doing F/sn UBW simply because of the time constraint.

Brief reviews for the past season’s anime will be up in around 2 days. Stay tuned!

Spring 2014 Anime Re-encoding Plans

mahoukarettousei1) Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei (MAL | ANN) – I actually didn’t read the novel but everyone is like so hyped when its anime adaptation was announced. It’s Dengeki Bunko’s novel by the way. Character designs looks pretty nice too & I’m in for magical powers.

2) Haikyuu!! (MAL | ANN) – In my previous post, I told you about another Shounen Jump anime adaptation by Production I.G. This is what I was talking about. This also might be a sign that the current season of Kuroko’s Basketball will end this week & it’ll be replaced by this one.

3) Mekaku City Actors (MAL | ANN) – Get ready for Kagerou Daze, the Vocaloid song series to be SHAFTed as well. We all know SHAFT’s behavior lately.

4) Isshuukan Friends (MAL | ANN) – After I read the synopsis, I thought this might be as good as the other drama & romance series, like Kimi ni Todoke. You’ll make new friends & you just simply forget them every week? Sounds new to me.

Winter 2014 Re-encoding Plans

Let’s kick-off the year 2014 with the new re-encoding plans for this coldly season. There aren’t much anime that I’m interested to watch this season. So without further ado, these are the confirmed ones:

1) Seitokai Yakuindomo* (MAL | ANN) – Time for another dark comedy with asterisks LOL! I’ve seen enough from Gintama Kanketsu-hen movie recently & the comedy is gold.

2) Buddy Complex (MAL | ANN) – It’s another mecha anime series from Sunrise of course. I watched Valvrave series until the end & that was one hell of a freaking anime. So many killings & deaths until it was predictable.

3) Noragami (MAL | ANN) – What interest me about this anime is studio Bones (Fullmetal Alchemist, Darker than Black) made it. Actually the 1st episode already pre-aired during the Anime Festival Asia event last November & it turned out to be pretty good according to some people who watched it. It’s supernatural action anime so might wanna check it out.

4) Sword Art Online Extra Edition (MAL | ANN) – It was aired internationally last night as a New Year special. Apparently it’s just a recap episode with some additional scenes, mostly fanservice of course. But since it’s not a full episodic series, might as well do it for the sake of the fans…

Attack on Titan 「進撃の巨人」 Tribute/Compilation Video/AMV -The Unforgettable Moments-

LogoAoTHere’s the video that I told you guys about before. Since the anime just ended recently, I managed to make this compilation video that shows the unforgettable moments that happened along the series.Maybe the moments you had witnessed is good or maybe it’s bad, but it’s up to your thoughts about it.

I had tried my very best to make this video. This one has chapter selection so you guys can choose which scene that you want to watch. Anyway, enjoy the video!

Fall Anime 2013 Confirmed Plans

Before I publish the finalized review of Shingeki no Kyojin together with its final episode, I want to tell you guys about my re-encoding plans for this season, Fall 2013…

As you may already know, I did pretty much re-encoded Little Busters! & Kuroko’s Basketball as you can see at the Finished Anime list on the right side of the blog. The 2nd season for both anime will be aired this season. So, I’ve decided to do those sequels. I want to see how the anime rendition of Little Busters! Refrain arc will turn out. And I’m also looking forward to another basketball action from Kuroko’s Basketball 2nd Season. Hope they can beat Aomine’s team this time.

There will be 3 new anime that I wanted to do.

Kyoukai no Kanata: After all that testosterone in which were released from KyoAni’s “Free!“, they will showing this anime. It’s a supernatural anime this time so looking forward to this one. And Risa Taneda‘s in too. It’s been awhile since Shinsekai Yori ended last March.

BlazBlue Alter Memory: I think this anime will cover up the Calamity Trigger storyline pretty much. I don’t know whether Continuum Shift storyline will be a part of this anime but if it is, then how the production staff will adapt that game properly? Continuum Shift’s storyline is so complex with all those character routes and plot branches so I have worries for it because this anime might end up like Devil Survivor 2 anime if they mess up. You know that it’s really hard to adapt a game into anime, not to mention with the branching plots. Regardless, we can judge this anime later after we watch it LOL. I look forward to it and you should too only if you want to see the animated Noel Vermillion that bad… I have my own reasons to watch this anime, and one of them is because of Tomokazu Sugita LOL!

Golden Time: This light novel is pretty much written by the author of Toradora! novel series. I’m in for this anime & I see that Yui Horie‘s in this one too. So, let’s study the law shall we?