Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope’s Peak Academy 「ダンガンロンパ3 -The End of 希望ケ峰学園 」 -Despair’s Beginnings & Future’s End-

mt-inc-dgrp3fa-12-afddd1d3-mkv_snapshot_07-22_2016-10-01_01-04-53Phew, I’m trying to catch up here. Still, I can’t believe Kyoko’s dead, man. But the survivor count in the previous Hope episode really foreshadows her being alive and well. Hagakure & Byakuya were ruled out because they’re not taking part in the game since it began. That leaves Makoto, Ryota, Aoi & Kyousuke. Juzo was confirmed still alive after the count shown but RIPed due to loss of blood. Yukizome pretty much confirmed dead forever, more info see Future #11. I bet Kyoko’s the one who is survived, probably because of Kimura’s medicine that could stop poison from spreading in her body and whatnot. This is my speculation at the moment.

Despair Arc ended as expected, all 77th Class students turned into Remnants of Despair by Junko using Ryota’s brainwashing video. I’m wishy washy about Izuru’s true motive. He doesn’t seem to have that ominous aura as described by Junko in the 2nd game, instead he has that boring personality. Plus, he had doubts about hope VS despair thingy, sounds not too ‘hopeful’ to me. Not surprising that she partially lied about him.

I felt like Ryota should be the main antagonist of this anime in some ways, since brainwashing technique being used several times throughout Danganronpa series, which he started it all back in Despair arc. Tengan was just a catalyst for his plan orchestrated by Junko indirectly.

I’m about to watch the Hope episode, so let’s see how it ends. I already expect some plot holes left after it finishes, so yeah.

Future #11: All good things
Despair #11 (Finale): Goodbye, Hope’s Peak High School
Future #12 (Finale): It is always darkest


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