Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope’s Peak Academy 「ダンガンロンパ3 -The End of 希望ケ峰学園 」 Future Arc #2 -The 3rd Killing Game-

[MT-INC] DGRP3FA - 02 [8DEFF84F].mkv_snapshot_03.26_[2016.07.21_17.38.35]Apparently, the creator of the New World program from Danganronpa 2 makes her 1st appearance there. She’s also dragged into the killing game.

I see Kodaka is obviously took inspiration from Zero Escape for the usage of bracelet that injects poison & sleeping drugs. The murder-while-everyone-asleep rule is kinda reminiscent, also from Zero Escape specifically Zero Time Dilemma in one of the time fragments is what the game called it. I hope Kodaka don’t pull a morphogenetic field trick at the end of this anime. The idea of applying the rule of different forbidden actions for each person is neat though. It kinda adds the mystery to the weaknesses they have.

I had a feeling that the one who killed the person from previous Future episode was the bullhead guy named Great Gozu. I dunno why, but the way he protects Naegi is like an act to cover his blow. That’s just my speculation.

But still… This is yet another depressing episode. The death count is increasing and the person who got killed…. Kodaka, you’re too cruel…

Future #2: Hang the Witch


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