The Heroic Legend of Arslan: Dust Storm Dance 「アルスラーン戦記 風塵乱舞」 Ep 2 -Tūrānian’s Raid-

[MT-INC] HeroArsS2 - 02 [60262846].mkv_snapshot_12.19_[2016.07.12_13.17.05]Chapter II: The Monarch Versus the Conqueror
Chapter I: The Tūrānian Army Invades (V2ed)

Bruh, he should think twice about brazenly assaulted the leader by himself. Well, it surely took an unexpected turn of events and Arslan isn’t going to be a sitting duck all the time.

I’m glad this isn’t just me but FUNimation was somehow messed up a bit with the 2nd episode rip. I can barely hear the voices because of the overpowered music volume. Welp, inevitable V2 incoming. Also, I provided DL link containing the improved rendition of the 1st episode because the previous one was terribly bad in terms of video quality. So from now on, I’ll be using CRF as the default encoding method. In my older videos, I used 2-pass method.


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