Taboo Tattoo 「タブータトゥー」 Ep 1 -The Secret Weapon-

[MT-InC] TabTat - 01 [90116F1C].mkv_snapshot_04.25_[2016.07.10_01.41.54]I’m still waiting for Index S3 and I have a feeling that they will announce it eventually. While waiting for its inevitable announcement, I figured this series might be my cup of tea. I’ve been longing for another J.C. Staff anime. So, I am giving it a shot.

All I can say is the animation itself screams J.C.’s aesthetics, which is good. Shinji Hosoe’s musics are decent since he’s still a rookie in making anime soundtracks, but I expect great things in future episodes. BTW, his work for Zero Escape musics were really, really good. The story, yeah… Beat the baddies, received mysterious OP ability, have a female friend since childhood, accidentally met with mysterious yet important female lead character and possible love triangle. Those tropes are overused in anime nowadays. Still, it is pretty enjoyable for now. Hoping for some uniqueness of this anime soon.

Episode 1: Tattoo


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