Haikyuu!! Second Season 「ハイキュー!! セカンドシーズン」 Ep 1 -New Hope, New Goal-

[MT-INC] HiQ2 - 01 [804A32DD].mkv_snapshot_20.06_[2015.10.07_18.01.07]What a hype episode to kick off this season! Haikyuu!! is truly a lively anime to me. I’m so relieved watching these guys returning for more volleyball action, fooling around as always. I noticed Asahi got his new haircut. Everyone else looks the same as before and of course, they have a new resolve.

And look, a hint of a new girl. Probably Hinata’s new ship, perhaps?

#1: Let’s Go To Tokyo!! (Mirrorcreator | DL Pastes)


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