Charlotte 「シャーロット」 Ep 6 -Cookie Crumbles, Maeda Edition-

[MT-InC] CHAR - 06 [D5A0BEC6].mkv_snapshot_09.05_[2015.08.11_23.53.26]I called it! At least, partially. But speaking of this, it’s sellout time! Have you tried playing Yandere Simulator? If you haven’t, feel free to download the early builds here. Try it I tell ya, it has the potential to become one of those ground-breaking stealth game. I hope they’ll include this episode’s scenario in their next build lmao.

That aside, it’s true that Jun Maeda is good at handling those plot twists and drama parts that are really worth for every tear, but he’s suck at handling those comedy parts. 2dank4me.

Now, I wonder if she’s still available in the next episode, but its 15-second preview says no.

#6: Overlooked Happiness (Mirrorcreator | DL Pastes)


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