This is the right opportunity to change things around here:

  • As I mentioned in my previous posts, Charlotte is pretty much confirmed for re-encoding soon. 1st episode is in re-encoding process right now. Expect it to be released in a couple of hours.
  • Some little bad news, FFF dropped RIN-NE from their subbing schedule. Meanwhile, Kaitou Fansubs are still inactive for a long period of time. Since we missed a lot of episodes for both anime, it’s time to switch to Crunchyroll’s rips from HorribleSubs. Just sayin’ this but since both anime are pretty much underrated right now, I guess they didn’t want to waste their time doing both of them. Weab materials are their thing lolz.. jk.
  • I’m thinking of doing Dragon Ball Super, but don’t get your hopes up because it is very unlikely that I will pick it. I love Dragon Ball but… y’know I just mentioned about Toei’s bad rep & their progress with Sailor Moon Crystal. Kinda crushed my hopes a little bit. Even if the anime sooner or later becomes pretty good in general, no proper fansub group is gonna pick this up. So, just keep hoping for something that makes me wanna pick this up. (UPDATE: If English subs release/simulcast is impossible, then I should wait for English dubs. I got used to it since DBZ, so hearing the Japanese dubs seems pretty unusual for me.)
  • SAO2 is still alive in my list, I just need an appropriate time to re-encode all the remaining 12+ episodes. RIN-NE & Arslan are in my top priorities right now in order to catch up to the latest episode. They’re still ongoing through this season, though.
  • Seitokai Yakuindomo* (TV) is unfortunately dropped. UTW didn’t release the last 2 episodes for over a year, so it’s pretty much dead right now. You can find both done by other group somewhere on the net. I truly apologize for any inconveniences.

That’s pretty much of it right now. I want to thank you guys for your continuous support to this site and I appreciate it. I apologize for any mistakes that I’ve made previously, and I’ll do my best to keep things right from now on.

Let’s conclude with this rockin’ music from Guilty Gear series. I planned to get a copy of GGXrd for PS4 but knowing that it will be offered as a limited free download for PS Plus this week, I’m super hyped to play this game soon. This offer is only limited for PSN Asia. EVO Championship is around the corner too. Yep, definitely gonna play this game as soon as it’s available.

Music by Daisuke Ishiwatari.


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