Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal 「美少女戦士セーラームーンクリスタル」 Ep 14 -True Bearer of the Crystal-

[MT-InC] SMC - 14 [59DEEB86].mkv_snapshot_17.05_[2015.01.20_00.33.32]“True Bearer of the Crystal” huh… Doesn’t it sounds like old-school Final Fantasy-ish? I’m pretty much playing Bravely Default right now. Sounds like a coincidence eh?

Anyway, Metalia got rekt because there was TOO MUCH LIGHT. 7.8/10 from her. But finally, we’re about to move on to the next arc in another 2 weeks… *sigh* Waiting too long is really a pain in the ass…

#14: Conclusion and Commencement -Petite Étrangère- (Mirrorcreator | DL Pastes)


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