Amagi Brilliant Park 「甘城ブリリアントパーク」 Season Finale -Video Editing for Casuals-

[MT-InC] AburiPark - 13 [F206E466].mkv_snapshot_05.22_[2014.12.31_18.55.17]Yup, guys. I called it moons ago. This is really happening… Thanks KyoAni…

#13: Not a Good PV! (Mirrorcreator | DL Batch Links)

…for keeping me waiting for about another years for that to happen. Shame on you, KyoAni! I’m gonna rockbottom you all so hard right now!! YOU—- nah, just playin’ around lol.

That picture is a part of the episode itself but unnecessary rage aside, this anime is quite enjoyable. The comedy wasn’t that great but at certain times. However, it lived up to my expectations. I even couldn’t get rid of that AV troll out of my head. The nature of randomness also made me laugh too. Speaking of randomness, this episode has this nature. Honestly, episode like this wasn’t really fit as the season finale so it should be shown at any point before ep 12 which is the only true final episode. But gosh, the episode was out of place but funny at the same time.

Storywise, it was pretty basic actually; the days of the protagonist managing the amusement park with his cohorts. Just a generic slice-of-life thingy. One part that intrigued me was about Latifa’s curse & the story behind it. It was pretty interesting to know the fact that she’s being targeted by an evil sorcerer from Maple Land. And he’s in the real world too; disguised as a shady employee Chris Tucker (I mean Takaya Kurisu) but he escaped right after he learned that her curse is gone. I really want to see the story unfolds in the next season.

About the characters… It’s so amusing that the author took the inspiration from the American black celebrities (not to be racist here…) for the character naming. I really praise Seiya’s character for being responsible in bringing the park to its glory. Sento’s a responsible employee too. Latifa is just a kind person. Now, onto the negative side; Sylphy of Elementario is simply a typical airhead which is annoying for the most part. The three mascot stooges are in this too. They may be funny at times but sometimes their jokes were kinda awkward & didn’t really fit the mood. The rest of the characters, let’s say they did their role just fine.

KyoAni really did a 360 turnover in terms of their animation policy. I mean, just look at the fanservices. They made some ballsy moves like showing a quick Sento’s nude scene, a long cut of the girls dancing while wearing swimsuit and such. Well, KyoAni loses their virginity— nah, LOL. I do like some of the fanservices that this anime had to offer but I’m not really into the swimsuit, sexuality & stuff. I’m not a creep, you know? Anyway, animation is just as pretty as always by the studio. Musics are just good. While most tracks were almost forgettable, I love some of the tracks just for their catchy tunes.

Amagi Brilliant Park isn’t that brilliant at all but bottom line, it’s simply another enjoyable anime series by Kyoto Animation. If you like tons of comedies, fanservice, cute girls and whatnot, then this is for you guys.

And yeah, Happy New Year 2015!

  • Story (7.0/10)
  • Characters (7.5/10)
  • Animation, Art & Design (8.5/10)
  • Music/Audio (7.7/10)
  • Enjoyment (7.5/10)
  • Overall (7.8/10) – ooopss, IGN joke comin’ around

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