Akame ga KILL! 「アカメが斬る!」 Ep 20 & 21 -Gone ‘Original’-

[MT-InC] AkaGaKill - 21 [34A455D7].mkv_snapshot_12.36_[2014.11.27_00.21.16]Seems White Fox is diverging this anime from its original material. No wonder that most people went rage for this outcome.

Guess we will see this never-seen-before ending though. The fight in Ep 21 was pretty rushed and on top of that, the moment Esdeath revealed her trump card was out of the place & time. Judging by the death counts for each episode, this anime went into Valvrave death fest. So, who’s next?

#20: Kill the Carnage (Mirrorcreator)
#21: Kill the Despair (Mirrorcreator)


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