PSYCHO-PASS 2 「サイコパス2」 Ep 3 & 4 -Eustress Deficiency-

[MT-InC] PsyPass2 - 04 [E7EC19E0].mkv_snapshot_19.51_[2014.11.04_00.37.12]That was one of the bloody hell, ladies and gentleman. I wasn’t surprised of how Kirito (no SAO pun intended) figured out that Inspectors could also be targeted by Dominator. As long as someone’s Crime Coefficient is past 300 regardless of the social class, that shouldn’t be a problem, right…? “Problem”, huh…

So, “what color?” for today. Hmm, today’s color is as grey as the cloudy afternoon, which is happening at my place now…

#3: The Devil’s Proof (Mirrorcreator)
#4: The Salvation of Job (Mirrorcreator)


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