SWORD ART ONLINE II 「ソードアート・オンライン II」 Ep 12 & 13 -The Force is Strong with Kirito-

[MT-InC] SWARO92 - 13 [DBE212DC].mkv_snapshot_05.37_[2014.10.14_18.26.38]This part is even worse than Oberon/Sugou. Why are all bad guys in this series are psychopaths? Damn that screams though…

Not gonna lie, the fight was awesome hands down. Seems another girl joins Kirito’s harem chart, I’m not surprised though.

Both episode titles may be different; ep 12 has the actual Japanese kanji (“Maboroshi no jūdan” (幻の銃弾)), while ep 13 has katakana characters (“Fantomu Baretto” (ファントム・バレット)) but literally, the translations are just the same which is “Phantom Bullet”. Well, it was fansub’s decision to translate them BTW.

#12 & #13: Phantom Bullet (EP12 | EP13)


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