Akame ga KILL! 「アカメが斬る!」 Ep 12 -The New Members-

[MT-InC] AkaGaKill - 12 [B481176D].mkv_snapshot_03.17_[2014.09.25_18.44.25]Is it appropriate to call Susanoo ‘houseband’? Get it? Lucky for Chelsea fans out there. She’ll probably be a new mascot for the club. Please be excited for this season’s Premier League. Or so you thought.

Honestly, after I saw Susanoo’s ability & Leone’s huge leap for over thousands feet, I’m starting to think that this series went ridiculous over-the-top. Still, I love the story concept about the revolution against corruption though.

#12: Kill the Newcomers (Mirrorcreator | Minitheatre)


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