Terror in Resonance 「残響のテロル」 Ep 4 -Attack from the Underworld-

[MT-InC] TerrorTokyo - 04 [15AECF72].mkv_snapshot_19.19_[2014.08.07_01.08.47]I’m stunned with this episode. I can’t believe it’s getting better than before. The intensity, the tension, the thrilling ride, the beautiful atmosphere, everything is brilliant in its own ways. It feels like I’m watching a live-action drama series.

The 4th attack will include another Oedipus-related riddle but they brought it on a whole different level. Can’t spoil too much or otherwise you lose all your excitement while watching this one.

I can tell you only one thing for this episode; the motorbike ride is the best scene of the whole series. The beautiful animation & the masterpiece music by Yoko Kanno feat. the American indie band POP ETC really fits the scene very well. On top of that, their laugh about destroying the world gave me goosebumps.

I had a feeling that this might save the anime. Before this, some people thought Kill la Kill saved it? NOPE.

#4: Break Through (Mirrorcreator | Minitheatre)


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