Haikyuu!! 「ハイキュー!!」 Ep 16 -The Feels of Losing the Match-

[MT-InC] HiQ - 16 [05EA3ECE].mkv_snapshot_13.55_[2014.07.21_14.46.43]My goodness, they really get the job done focusing & presenting the thoughts of the losing team perfectly. This is rare for a sports anime. In other words, it was really an emotional episode so far. At this rate, I really want a side-story for the female team. Furudate-sensei, please…?

But still, I’m so hyped for the next match though. I like the realism of the volleyball and the optimism shown by each character. It is perhaps better than the unrealistic Kuroko’s Basketball which has nonsensical ‘super saiyan’ moves and cheap tricks, in addition with the hatred aura that came from the characters.

#16: Winners and Losers (Mirrorcreator | Minitheatre)


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