Tokyo ESP 「東京ESP」 Ep 1 -Ga-rei Throwbacks-

[MT-InC] TESP - 01 [407795B2].mkv_snapshot_00.22_[2014.07.14_16.00.09]This episode feels very nostalgic to me. When I saw Kagura & Yomi in the beginning, I was like “Am I watching the right anime?”. But shortly after that, it went back on track but guess what? The atmosphere of the 1st episode was very reminiscent to Ga-rei: Zero’s episode 1 too. Throwback time! Both series were originated from the same author though, that’s why it happened like that.

It seems they decided to follow the same unique path as Ga-rei: Zero by skipping the intro of the story & jumped directly to the near end of the arc. For me who already familiar to Ga-rei: Zero’s style, I could get used to this. The others might get confused with this style but there’s no need to watch Ga-rei anime first.

Animation looks pretty nice so far. It is bloody and gory too but not as much as Akame ga Kill though. The musics sounds decent I think. The characters are pretty interesting with each of them that has a unique ability. For some reason, the war between good ESP user & the bad ESP guys who wanted to gain their own status for the ‘greater good’ reminds me of X-Men.

Overall, episode 1 was very good and enjoyable. I suppose the story will be backtracked to the actual beginning in the next episode.

#1: White Girl (Mirrorcreator | Minitheatre)


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