Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal 「美少女戦士セーラームーンクリスタル」 Ep 1 -Revisited & Remastered-

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal Ep 1.49.43]Remember in my previous post a couple of weeks ago when I said that I wanted to choose Sailor Moon reboot as a part of the lineups but couldn’t managed to do it after me thinking twice? Gladly, I changed my mind again after I found a good quality video source. So, I’m proud to announce a new addition into the lineup; Sailor Moon Crystal!

I’ve seen the classic Sailor Moon series on a local TV channel when I was around 6-7 years old in junior school. I was not into the anime back then so I was unable to watch the whole series but at least I watched some of the episodes & got a gist about the main premise of the series. Honestly, I have no clue about the ending. The story was very basic though, a normal student who is a magical girl try to save the day from the invasion of evil powers. Even kids could understand it.

After more than 20 years since Sailor Moon was born, today an anime reboot titled Sailor Moon Crystal is shown to the world and my goodness, that’s what we call the throwbacks to our awesome childhood times. Let’s talk about the opening song first. Although it’s a new song for a Sailor Moon opening & its lyrics are still as cheesy as before, the melody itself is so freakin’ good. FYI, it was composed by Revo from Linked/Sound Horizon who did the musics for the 3DS game Bravely Default & the opening themes for Attack on Titan.

This is the 1st Sailor Moon anime being made into 16:9 aspect ratio format. Animation wise, it still retains the classical hand-drawn techniques like the previous one. Now, one notable changes here is the animation for the transformation sequences. They used CG for that part and frankly speak, they treat it wrongly this time. New changes are cool but it was poorly executed. It’s not very Sailor Moon-like. If SHAFT’s Madoka Magica series could make the transformation sequences in a traditional way, then why Toei which is 27 years older than SHAFT & spawned 5 seasons of the classic Sailor Moon anime can’t do it? Hope they can fix it soon. Well, the rest of them are still good anyways. That Sailor Moon poses are still memorable though. The musics are okay for now. Speaking about voice actors, while the rest of the characters have new VAs, only Sailor Moon has the same VA as before. But well, it’s still a decent voice performance although she ages by time.

I would like to see more of this but unluckily we have to wait for new episodes to come out every 2 weeks. Hopefully Toei will fix some flaws found in this anime.

#1: Usagi (Mirrorcreator | Minitheatre)


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