Falcom Academy 「みんな集まれ!ファルコム学園」 Ep 6-8 -Adol’s Bizarre Adventure-

[MT-InC] FalGak - 08 [56900AF4].mkv_snapshot_01.19_[2014.07.02_23.58.56]It’s been a long time since the 5th episode of Falcom Academy. We kept waiting for Migoto’s release since then & until now, they released 3 episodes only. Well, better late than never. I’m so glad they’re still doing this series.

Anyway, the American Adol from Ys III Sega Genesis version is here ready to kick some ass. Yep, the episodes are all about Adol. LOL I wonder if it was how he looked like in the game, maybe from the game cover design. I love how they keep referencing things from the games. Plus, that Falcom music hype though.

Falcom is about to release another Legend of Heroes game titled Sen no Kiseki II this year. After that they should announce a new Ys game next year. If it’s not Ys VIII, then at least they should remake Ys V just like they did with Ys IV.

#6: Dark and Tio in the Broadcasting Room? (Mirrorcreator)
#7: Let’s Conquer Darm Tower! (Mirrorcreator)
#8: Adol! Adol! Adol! (Mirrorcreator)
Minitheatre Listing


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