Summer 2014 Re-encoding Lineups

terror-in-tokyo(Drum rolls intensifies) It’s summer time! The lineups are as follows:

(BTW that image looks depressing though. That is my most anticipated anime this summer…)

  • Sword Art Online II (MAL | ANN) – Nothing much to talk about it because most people really familiar about this series. Just say Kirito, Asuna and chapter 16.5, everyone will react quickly. Anyway, it’ll cover the GGO part. I’ll look forward to Sinon’s introduction in this one. Then, Kirito’s harem chart will be expanded too…
  • Persona 4 the Golden Animation (MAL | ANN) – We already had P4 The Animation, but soon we’ll have the GOLDEN version of The Animation. Well, basically it’s an adaptation of the Vita game called Persona 4 Golden, which is the enhanced remake of original P4 game. I made a hands-on impressions about it so you can check it out. The one and only most important thing that I wanna look forward into this anime reboot is the inclusion of weapons hold by each character. In the first iteration, they were unarmed. As a result, they fought Shadows by using their Personae only. They made the characters looked like a wimp a little bit so I was disappointed. In Persona 3 Spring of Birth movie, they include the weapons. Plus, the adaptation was done very well. Hopefully P4GA will follow its steps.
  • Aldnoah.Zero (MAL | ANN) – Another anime with real robot genre but guess what? Gen Urobuchi creates the story, Fate/Zero director Ei Aoki directs the anime & Hiroyuki Sawano composes the music. What a hyped combination. Plus, Aoki & Urobuchi collaborated for Fate/Zero anime series. Damn, this should be interesting to watch.
  • Tokyo ESP (MAL | ANN) – Didn’t read the manga but after I made some research, it is made by the person who done the Ga-rei manga. It revolves around superpowers, reminds me of To Aru series, and I’m gonna pick up this one.
  • Terror in Resonance (MAL | ANN) – Among all the anime that I announce here, this is without a doubt my most anticipated anime of the season. It’s about terrorism that falls upon Tokyo. So things like political crisis, economic loss & international affairs might be involved. That is some serious looking thriller going on right? Shinichiro Watanabe & Yoko Kanno will work together again as the same role since Kids on the Slope two years ago. If you take a look at Watanabe’s involvement, he’s really active this year. He had Space Dandy last winter and this summer he has 2 series to be shown which is this one & Space Dandy 2. With Watanabe, hopefully he’ll able to make this anime much more promising since Cowboy Bebop. I’m sure he can…

I was gonna pick the Psycho-pass director’s cut & Sailor Moon Crystal into the lineups but after several considerations, I decided not to pick them probably because Psycho-pass director’s cut is just more of the same from the season 1 with new scenes. Meanwhile, Sailor Moon Crystal is an Internet streaming exclusive & won’t be broadcasted through TV networks so I’m afraid that I might get the low quality ones. But I still watch ’em though.

Mahouka & Haikyuu will be continued through summer.

P.S.: I want fans’ anticipation of SAO2 to be crushed by either Terror in Resonance or Aldnoah.Zero LOL.


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