Haikyuu!! 「ハイキュー!!」 Ep 1 -The Final Match As A Middle School Student-

[MT-InC] HiQ - 01 [BC6FE18D].mkv_snapshot_17.22_[2014.04.10_14.26.42]Here’s another sports anime series brought to you by the studio behind Kuroko’s Basketball, Production I.G. To be honest, the animation quality here is much better than Kuroko series but it was still good though. Darn, Haikyuu! already made its move to show its hype-ness to all of us. The 1st episode is really great though. It suddenly jumps right into the 1st match of the series but I got the feeling that Hinata’s team will lose anyway because it’s too soon for him to claim the victory in the very 1st episode LOL. I know for a fact that most shounen series are like “you have to learn 1st in order to become an awesome guy” thingy.

Anyway, I like how this episode introduces the main characters by giving some kind of flashbacks before the main story and whatnot. I really hope this show won’t be too ‘unrealistic’ though. I thought it’s rare for anime sports genre to promote volleyball so I’m glad this series does it.

By the way, the OP and ED songs are pretty dope. Spyair and NICO rulez!

#1: The End And The Beginning (Mirrorcreator | Minitheatre)


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