GOLDEN TIME 「ゴールデンタイム」 Finale -Of All Banris-

[MT-InC] GoldTaimu - 24 [269E78B9].mkv_snapshot_14.31_[2014.03.31_15.37.44]THIS REVIEW MIGHT CONTAINS SPOILERS!

#24: Golden Time (Mirrorcreator | Minitheatre -shared listing-)

Love does really pleasures you, but when you think about it realistically, it sometimes hurts you. The same goes to this series that was made by the creator behind Toradora! series, Yuyuko Takemiya. Despite the novel series ended just a couple of weeks before this final episode showed up, I somehow felt that the finale was a bit rushed to be honest. Linda’s confession was a little cheap though but anyway, I am satisfied with the ending. For me Kouko & Banri pairing should be better though. #TeamLinda shippers might get annoyed with it LOL. So if you want to ship for #TeamLinda, its VN counterpart “Golden Time: Vivid Memories” for PS Vita might have that kind of ending but it requires your high level of Japanese language skills.

[MT-InC] GoldTaimu - 24 [269E78B9].mkv_snapshot_15.32_[2014.04.02_21.11.28]Can Linda really fall in love with the ghost? Congratz, Ghost Banri Tada… wait… ALL HAIL GHOST BANRI TADA!!!

There’s nothing I can say about the animation & musics since it looks normal for a slice-of-life anime. The plot itself have its ups & downs but it was a good journey through the series from happy to sad moments. I can feel the drama here but it wasn’t as tense as Toradora!. Regardless, this is probably a good slice-of-life anime series from Winter 2014 lineups to watch along with to-be-finished Nagi no Asukara series. Trust me, it is way too good but let’s see how the ending goes.

  • Story (7.75/10)
  • Animation, Art & Design (8.0/10)
  • Music/Audio (7.5/10)
  • Overall (7.8/10)

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