Spring 2014 Anime Re-encoding Plans

mahoukarettousei1) Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei (MAL | ANN) – I actually didn’t read the novel but everyone is like so hyped when its anime adaptation was announced. It’s Dengeki Bunko’s novel by the way. Character designs looks pretty nice too & I’m in for magical powers.

2) Haikyuu!! (MAL | ANN) – In my previous post, I told you about another Shounen Jump anime adaptation by Production I.G. This is what I was talking about. This also might be a sign that the current season of Kuroko’s Basketball will end this week & it’ll be replaced by this one.

3) Mekaku City Actors (MAL | ANN) – Get ready for Kagerou Daze, the Vocaloid song series to be SHAFTed as well. We all know SHAFT’s behavior lately.

4) Isshuukan Friends (MAL | ANN) – After I read the synopsis, I thought this might be as good as the other drama & romance series, like Kimi ni Todoke. You’ll make new friends & you just simply forget them every week? Sounds new to me.


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