Noragami 「ノラガミ」 Ep 9 -Admitting Sins-

[MT-InC] NRGM - 09 [A98EE9C2].mkv_snapshot_16.51_[2014.03.09_18.15.52]Damn, kudos to the ones who assigned Yuuki Kaji with Yukine. He really did well in portraying most of the emotional characters out there. And yes, this is the best episode by far in the series.

On the other note, the Malaysia Airlines’ flight MH370 that was departed yesterday from my country, Malaysia in which is expected to arrive at Beijing in 6 hours suddenly disappeared, lost in radar & officially reported missing around Vietnam airspace. It’s now world’s talk, becoming the most discussed topic in social medias in my country at least. Most countries around the world including mine dispatched the search & rescue teams and until now the operation is still ongoing. There are many speculations regarding this incident but anyway, let’s pray for their safety in the missing flight. Sadly, there are 2 infants in that flight… More details here.

#9: Name (Mirrorcreator | Minitheatre -shared listing-)


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