Little Busters! EX 「リトルバスターズ!EX」 Ep 1 -Girl With Guns, Saya Tokido-

[MT-InC] LBEX - 01 [7FE2EE6C].mkv_snapshot_08.49_[2014.02.15_12.55.54]What’s up guys? The thing that you’re waiting for is finally here. Like I promised before, here’s the first English localized version of Little Busters! EX or Ecstasy. Unfortunately this isn’t for the VN but it’s an anime adaptation based on the EX routes from the VN. A big thanks to Refrain Subs for subbing this series. They had previously subbed the Refrain series.

The EX routes translation project are still underway though. I couldn’t read most of Japanese especially the kanjis & some complex words so I decided to watch the anime instead. Simply because it’s my 1st time experiencing EX, I had absolutely no idea about the pacing of the EX routes from the VN. This episode might be good but who knows… If I had read that part in the VN, I can simply compare both of them.

Anyway, I’m surprised Saya made her 1st episode appearance in this anime. I thought she would be the final part of EX simply because she’s the main highlight & the only character exclusively for EX. But oh well, after I’ve read the summary it made sense. Apparently Saya’s route takes place before the events of Refrain. Maybe it’s because J.C. Staff didn’t meant to confuse the viewers especially the anime-only viewers like me. But yo, Saya’s my favorite girl right now. Girl with guns never cease to amaze me.

I like the EX anime version of Little Busters! opening song but still, the original version is best hands down in my opinion. The animation is quite looking good for a home media release, just like we saw in Refrain series.

So grab your popcorns (wait, this ain’t a movie LOL) & enjoy Little Busters! Ecstasy as Saya is about to use her Evoker to summon her Persona and thus eliminate the Shadows during the Dark Hour…

Oops, wrong series…

#1: Secret Agent Tokido Saya (Mirrorcreator | Minitheatre)

P.S.: The 2nd episode will be bundled with the 2nd volume of Little Busters! ~Refrain~ home media version, scheduled to be released on February 26.


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