Noragami 「ノラガミ」 Ep 4 -Luck-Killing Queen-

[MT-InC] NRGM - 04 [09969FED].mkv_snapshot_16.08_[2014.01.29_19.33.03]TRUTH TO BE TOLD, THAT LONG-ASS FALL WAS TOO RIDICULOUS! How did they survive that 350-foot fall from the top of the building, plus they still can talk casually like nothing to worry about?? It’s like it literally took around 7 minutes if calculated from the playback length. Seriously in reality, in less than a minute we couldn’t even managed to escape from that death and crashed on the ground already, unless if we have a parachute or something… But it make sense because they’re kinda like immortal super-powered deities LOL.

Regardless of the events happened in this episode, honestly this is the funniest episode in the series. I love it!

And otanjoubi omedetou, Kamiya Hiroshi-san! (although it’s a day late LOL). Congratulations & good job in voicing most of the badass characters out there, including Yato here!

#4: Where Happiness Lies (Mirrorcreator | Minitheatre -shared listing-)


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