Seitokai Yakuindomo* 「生徒会役員共*」 Ep 3 -Fishy School Trip at Okinawa-

[MT-InC] SeitoYakuin - 03 [9D1B65C9].mkv_snapshot_17.37_[2014.01.22_20.31.08]Sarutobi Ayame & Sasha Blouse’s voice actress was too hyped for this episode LOL. Hata was pretty hilarious with that pose & her familiar voice thanks to Shirai Kuroko’s Satomi Arai. Anyway, I apologize for the filesize this time because the source was enormously big for an episode which was about 650MB worth of filesize.

Love that certain troll though.

Episode 3 Contents: Mirrorcreator | MiniTheatre -shared listing-

  • 3-A: Three-Day Vice President
  • 3-B: Pretty Woman

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