GOLDEN TIME 「ゴールデンタイム」 Ep 13 -Air Yakisoba-

[MT-InC] GoldTaimu - 13 [A26E617C].mkv_snapshot_08.32_[2014.01.14_20.13.24]I knew it! It does feel like Natsuyuki Rendezvous but in a different way. It’s sad knowing that Linda was being friendzoned by Banri 2.0 but it’s fine as long it was his own decision & plus he has Kouko already. So let’s just ship Banri x Kouko from now on. Lucky for her because she has a considerate boyfriend.

But y’know what? That old ghost Banri starting to piss me off… Looks like I’ve misjudged him…

Oh, not to forget that ‘air yakisoba’ LOL!

#13: Summer Has Come (Mirrorcreator | MT -shared listing-)


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